Liverpool Music Week organiser’s appeal for sister raises £17k in one day


CHIC headlining LMW 2017

In a bid to help fund his sister’s emergency treatment, Liverpool Music Week’s Chris Tyler appealed to social media, raising over £17k in 24 hours, Getintothis’ Lauren Wise has the full report. 

Liverpool Music Week (LMW) organisers appealed for help yesterday in a Facebook post following the news that the LMW general manager’s sister had been taken to intensive care.

Chris Tyler’s sister, Jess, was admitted to intensive care in Mexico and in need of urgent specialist treatment, a post on the LMW Facebook page detailed.

It explained that as her insurance company refused to pay for the surgery, leaving them with no option but to appeal to friends, family and LMW supporters.

After just 24 hours of the GoFundMe page being set up, it received £17,525 in donations, raised by 338 people.

In a comment on his original post Chris said: “We’re completely stunned and overwhelmed by the kindness, love and generosity shown by everyone – friends, family members and total strangers. It’s sort of too much to process and words fail me to articulate how much this means to Jess and my family and what an incredible boost it’s been. 

As an update Jess has had another round of surgery and was stable enough for us to get her an air ambulance to a specialist in Oaxaca. She’s currently stable in the new hospital and awaiting another round of surgeries, but doctors and surgeons are very positive about the next procedure and are closer to understanding the underlying problem. 

I’ll give further updates as I get them but I just want to say again how incredibly thankful we are for every single person who has shown such care and compassion for Jess.”

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LMW’s founder and director Mike Deane, who shared the post on the LMW Facebook page, described Chris as his “right-hand-man” when organising LMW, saying he “plays such a key part”.

LMW celebrated it’s 15th anniversary last year, which CHIC headlined in a not to be missed show at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

Viola Beach at Liverpool Music Week

Viola Beach played Liverpool Music Week in 2015

Other artists who have played LMW over the years include Viola BeachBest Coast and Warpaint, among others.

An update on Jess’ GoFundMe page informed donators that tests have confirmed Jess doesn’t have organ failure or disease and that she is waiting on more tests to diagnose the cause of the problem, adding: “All very confident at the hospital at the moment.”

If you’d like to donate to help Jess receive emergency surgery you can do so here.




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