13 Questions with St Jude the Obscure

St. Jude the Obscure

St. Jude the Obscure

St Jude the Obscure take time out to answer Getintothis’ latest bout of 13 Questions.

St Jude the Obscure are a band on their own.

Their sound is often gossamer thin, with processed guitars and subtle beats allowing the vocals of Adele Emmas to float on top of their ethereal noise. A real talent, Emmas’ vocals are delicate and understated and she is lucky enough to sing alongside musicians whose primary aim is to make the songs as perfect as they can be, rather than grandstanding or trying to be flash.

The songs that seep out of them are simply beautiful. Wings of Icarus showcases washes of guitar floating serenely, a sound reminiscent of The XX meeting Bat for Lashes in a dark basement. This isn’t to say that St Jude can’t raise the tempo and intensity when they want to. Wonder of Youth features rolling drums and guitar textures that fill the soundscape easily. But there is a catchiness to their songs that means their music is never too introspective or merely cerebral.

St Jude the Obscure’s songs are aimed as much at the heart as the head and it is easy to love their music dearly.

Before the band play the latest Getintothis Deep Cuts night at Buyers Club, we subjected them to 13 questions, to see what they’re up to, what they like to eat and whether they have a secret to tell us. Spoiler – no they don’t.

St. Jude the Obscure (photo credit: Warren Millar)

St. Jude the Obscure (photo credit: Warren Millar)

Where are you and what are you doing?  Christian: I’m in an online queue for Thom Yorke tickets, reading these questions to Adele whilst she’s ‘dying’ of the flu, half reading a book, half dictating answers for me to type.

How is that working out? Christian: It’s OK, but Adele‘s computer is ridiculously slow and the buttons won’t work when you type… I also didn’t end up getting Thom Yorke tickets.

What is the last gig you went to? Adele: Mac Demarco. Christian: Belle and Sebastian.

Recommend one band or album that you think we should check out  Adele: One sec.. (gestures with finger…she’s ringing in sick to work)…Mount Eerie.. No, I’m going to say Grouper.. She’s very soothing. Sooothing.

What is the worst gig you’ve ever done? Adele: A garden festival… well we were told it was a festival, but we turned up and it was a tent in the middle of a square in Manchester, we had a screen behind us with animated flames on .. that was the worst.

What is your favourite meal?  Christian: Buffet  Adele: You can’t have buffet as a meal, it’s not a meal. Greek Mezze

Can you cook? Yes

Tell us a secret (nothing)

What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?  Christian: The other week, on Matthew Street with Conrad, after The Horrors. Adele. Barcelona in 2014. We played a gig over there and spent the last night on the beach running into the sea under a huge moon.

When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Adele: The other week I had a very surreal dream that I had a pet pig, it was long and stretched out (kind of like a sausage dog) and it’s name was Taboo, I woke up in hysterics! Christian: My flat mate told me a story about a lad that could only eat sausage rolls and chips, that was about a 3 years ago.

St Jude The Obscure

St Jude The Obscure

What is your favourite view? Adele: This view.. (looking out of her window) of the Georgian houses, people passing by, St.Brides church, the big sky. I love when the street lights first come on in the evening and turn a pinky / orange colour.

Vinyl, CD, MP3 or Streaming? Adele: Vinyl (when my record players not broke).

Is there anything else you’d like to say? Adele: Go and see ‘Call Me By Your Name’.

And with that, St Jude the Obscure retreat to the shadows to make more epic atmospheric music. Great things would seem to await them once the world wakes up to their distinct charms. Let yourself fall into the world of their music and let it carry you elsewhere. You will not regret it.

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