Unknown Pleasures #146 ft. I Think I Broke Something, Annabel Allum, Jennings Couch

I Think I Broke Something (Photo credit: artist’s Facebook page)

I Think I Broke Something (Photo credit: artist’s Facebook page)

Continuing his mission to find under-the-radar gems Getintothis’ Mike Stanton calls forth with three brand new tunes to get you buzzing.

Electropunk duo (the bizarrely-named) I Think I Broke Something hail from Finland and their recently released debut album Add Spikes On Top comes at you with 10 high velocity, full-tilt belters. Sounding something like The Prodigy on methamphetamine, I Think I Broke Something use hard metal aesthetics mixed with breakbeat techno to create a foaming wall of electronic sound.

Creative and fresh with a hefty dose of the weird, these guys have already demonstrated on previous releases that their music is unique and Pussycat Shark Teeth builds on the duo’s ability to back a wild attitude and attention-seeking sound with love for 90’s culture.

The fact that Pussycat Shark Teeth sounds like something from Liam Howlett’s cutting-room floor doesn’t detract from the sheer balls-out slamming beats and electronic pugilism that is fired into your face at very-close range.

This isn’t polished and uniform electronic music, it’s raw electropunk with one purpose, to get you moving, dancing, bouncing and headbanging. Think of it as speed metal with saw-tooth sine waves and loads of LFO filters. Oh yeah, and ignore the ridiculous band name.

Add Spikes On Top is out now on Jet Set Trash Records.

Annabel Allum (Photo - Lieven Bulckens)

Annabel Allum (Photo – Lieven Bulckens)

Guildford-based Annabel Allum launches into 2018 with new single Beat the Birds and it’s an invigoratingly caustic and charmingly languid rock-out. Annabel’s first release since the acclaimed All That For What EP came out last year is further evidence of her ability to marry folk-style storytelling with snarling fuzzy indie.

Balancing a cool, acerbic indie aesthetic with clever song construction and a huge anthemic, melody-driven chorus, Beat the Birds burns with wit and charm.

‘I wrote Beat the Birds during a heightened temerarious period of my life.’ Allum says, “Riding on moments and not consequences, feeling and not thinking. The story of youthful, reckless abandon, morning after morning after morning.“

There’s a fair amount of late 80’s indie-rock steel to this single; think The Darling Buds spliced with Garbage and produced by Butch Vig and you get the idea of the sound on offer.

Beat The Birds is out now on Killing Moon Records.

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Jennings Couch

Jennings Couch (Photo credit: artist’s Facebook page)

Jennings Couch is a 22 year old New York native who has found himself transported to London via the English countryside and is now imbuing his artistic output with reflections of all that the world has thrown at him thus far in his young life. His latest single Stay Out is the first teaser ahead of his forthcoming EP due out later this year.

Stay Out has all the hallmarks of solid songwriting and could have been cut straight from the late 70’s demonstrating as it does that melding of rock, folk and gnarly blues to carve a path through raw emotion and untouched mind sets. Stay Out fosters an organic and earthy sound, amalgamated with layers of chugging guitars to create an impactful and edgy alternative indie song. Taking elements from Blink 182 and Frank Turner, Stay Out stands up in its own rights as a new age anthem for the young generation of 2018.

Using raw and powerful vocals and rustic guitar lines, Stay Out delves into the ominous and relatable feelings of teenage angst following a break-up.

Jennings states ‘It is essentially a break up song, sung through the words and ideas of young teenagers. The idea that kids either put up a sign or tell their parents/siblings to ‘Stay out of my room’, is what kick-started the lyric to this song. You’re essentially telling your other half to get out of your life.’

After nailing a live session for BBC Radio Kent last year, Jennings Couch is proving to be one to watch this year.

Stay Out is out now.




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