The Night Café, Paris Youth Foundation, The Cheap Thrills: Arts Club, Liverpool

Night Café

Night Café

Liverpool’s Night Café took to the stage at a sold-out Arts Club, Getintothis Amos Wynn was there to catch the action. 

Having formed in 2014, the band has released several singles, as well as an EP which came out last year. Their rise has been impressive, with one of their tracks, Mixed Signals, having over 1.8 million plays on Spotify.

They kicked off the Arts Club gig with another track from their debut EP, The Way of Mary. This upbeat number was an impressive way to start the night, with energetic guitar riffs and an electric sound.

A clear comparison that can be made on the Night Café’s sound, is with a fellow Liverpool band whom they will be supporting later this year, The Wombats. The influence is clear through the upbeat rhythm and liveliness in all their songs.

The bands excitement to be playing the Arts Club was clear, with lead vocalist, Sean Martin, expressing it was “f***ing mental” to be playing their biggest headline show there.

Their joy of playing this gig was reflected through their music. This had a great effect on an already lively crowd, with both band and audience playing off each-others energy.

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Martin also spoke of his joy of playing a venue where only three years ago he had been banned from, proudly stating “now I am headlining it.” The band then played their first release, Addiction, giving a nod to how far they’ve come since bringing it out.

As part of their current tour, the band also recently played a sold-out Manchester Academy 3, where less than two years ago they were a support act to The Hunna. Even then there catchy and lively sound stood out; since that they have expanded on that sound even more, making it their own.

There is no doubt the band will continue to grow. Their punchy indie anthems like Time and Strange Clothes had the Arts Club in full voice and created an excellent atmosphere.

The band have already amassed a very strong fanbase, who continued to get behind the band at every opportunity throughout the night, singing along to every song with passion, something that some more established bands could only dream of.

To finish, The Night Café chose one of their most popular songs, You Change With The Seasons. This track had the place truly bouncing and was a vibrant way to end. To show his appreciation, Martin jumped into the audience and crowd surfed his way across the venue. The passion and love the band had for the people who had turned out to see them was clear from start to finish; and they certainly didn’t let anyone down.

Supporting the Night Café was Paris Youth Foundation and The Cheap Thrills, who helped set the tone for what turned out to be a great gig.

All three bands had a great collection of catchy indie tracks up their sleeves, showcasing the exciting upcoming band Liverpool has coming out of it.

At the centre of this, is certainly the Night Café, who with more gigs like that, will see themselves move on to bigger and better things!

Images by Getintothis’ Kevin Barrett




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