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Starting his new column, Getintothis’ Banjo finds out what’s going on in the weird and wonderful world of SPQR ahead of their Deep Cuts date at Buyers Club next week.

SPQR are a band on the rise.

One of the stars of last year’s Wrong festival, SPQR are a wonderful crash of styles.  Searing guitars scream, while soaring vocals both caress and shout.  They tread a fine line between quiet and loud, the extremes sometimes in the same song.

In an Introducing feature with Getintothis, we described them as ‘composed of a barista, someone who cuts dead bodies in your local NHS and a rehearsal studio owner. They are not hipsters trying to be weird but a genuinely strange and wonderful bunch of people.’

They also make weird but wonderful music.

SPQR can be seen supporting Gnoomes at Getintothis’ very own Deep Cuts night at The Buyers Club on March 6.  Those in the know amongst you will already have tickets for what promises to be one of the best Deep Cuts nights so far.

The rest of you are advised to listen to SPQR as soon as possible, and we’ll see you at the gig.



Pete from the band answers our thirteen probing questions, with a little help from fellow SPQR-ers Bex and Jack.

1. Where are you and what are you doing?
We are currently in the pub drinking dirty beer!

2. What is your favourite film?
My favourite film is The Lord Of The Rings trilogy but Bex says I’m not allowed to say that because it makes me sound like a geek. So I guess I have to say What We Do In The Shadows.

3. What makes you frustrated?
Finding the true but very well hidden beat of Radiohead’s Videotape. Did you know it’s syncopated? Try and work that shit out!!

4. Recommend one band or album that you think we should check out?
You will probably already know this, but I can never recommend Jamie T’s Carry On The Grudge enough. It’s an absolute emotional rollercoaster. It changed Bex and I’s lives! Jack doesn’t like Jamie T though so we aren’t allowed to talk about it with him. Shame.

5. What’s your first memory?
Bex: Eating a dippy egg and soldiers.
Pete: I can’t remember waking up this morning so there’s no hope here.
Jack: Drawing Buzz Lightyear in nursery and being really proud of myself.

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6. What would be your final meal if you were on death row?
Easy! A huge big ol’ curry with all the accompaniments! Either that or a huge fry up. Those two things plus the beer I’m drinking now are the reasons I’m fat.
Jack: a phat-ass vegetarian pizza with jalapeños and a pint of coke.

7. What was the first gig you went to?
Bex’s is Kula Shaker. Mine was Linkin Park. Jack’s is Foo Fighters. Don’t know where he got the money for that… Christ.

8. Where did you last go on holiday?
We went to The Lake District and stayed in a beautiful cottage for 4 days. It had a dead zebra-clad piano that we recorded a video of Dystopia on. You can find that video on our YouTube. Hint hint.



9. Tell us a secret…
It is contracted that Cersei must not be in the same room as Bronn during filming of GOT due to their tumultuous past love affair.

10. Vinyl, CD, MP3 or Streaming?
I really appreciate vinyls as they encourage the listener to hear the album in its entirety which is always how I listen to albums, however we are all avid streamers for its sheer convenience and access!

11. What’s your favourite season and why?
This is a sore subject that causes much conflict.

12. Do you have any pre-gig superstitions?
Stop fart-arsing round with superstitions and concentrate on playing a great show.

13. Do you have anything else to declare?
Foreign meats.

SPQR and Gnoomes play Liverpool Buyers Club Deep Cuts night on Tuesday 6 March. Click here for ticket details.

Deep Cuts March 6 featuring Gnoomes, Mark Peters and SPQR

Deep Cuts March 6 featuring Gnoomes, Mark Peters and SPQR




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