Manchester Gigs of the Month: January 2018

The Night Cafe

The Night Cafe

As 2018 ushers in a new sense of cautious optimism (for eternal optimists, at least), Getintothis Mark Rowley picks out where to go and who to see in Manchester for the remainder of January.

Since the Christmas period, there’s been little to get excited about on the live front in Manchester as band hibernation season has meant lots of club dance nights and DJ warehouse parties, and not much else besides.

With most New Year gym memberships and ill-thought out vegan diets already a futile gesture to counter-balance the previous month’s excesses, promoters (and DIY enthusiasts) are gradually beginning to awake from their Yuletide slumber, and put music-makers back on the live stage. This means, it’s now time for us all to drop the dumbells and go and discover new music!

And where better to start than Manchester Northern Quarter’s go-to venue, Jimmy’s?

Regulars to this column (if there are any) will know that a lot of nights in Jimmy’s are featured in each month’s Manchester round up. So, before going any further, can we make it absolutely clear … we don’t actually know Jimmy, or if he (or she) even actually exists as a person. Nor do we get free entry or free ale when we pop down to see someone we recommend. (Not yet, anyway).

Now that has been cleared up … you need to know that Jimmy’s is THE place to be, especially during the second half of January! Buy yourself a season ticket, take a sleeping bag and move in, whatever … just make sure you don’t miss too many of the brilliant acts that are booked to play there this month.

Queen Zee and The Sasstones

Queen Zee and The Sasstones

This Feeling ft. Proletariat, Mint, Matter Of Mind, Manchester Jimmy’s January 20

This Feeling ft. Generation, The Racket, Manchester Jimmy’s January 21

Violet Youth, Risacas, The Covasettes, Manchester Jimmy’s January 23

Queen Zee, Jo Mary, Manchester Jimmy’s January 26

Lucoo Live ft Dantevilles, Maddy Storm, Gardenback,  Manchester Jimmy’s January 28

Jerry Williams, Manchester Jimmy’s January 30

Whether it’s the discordant post-punk guitar snarl of the Mossley Proletariat, the dream-pop soundscapes of Blackburn’s Violet Youth or the in-your-face chaos and ferocity of Queen Zee, you won’t be disappointed.

Elsewhere, you are strongly advised to go see the following:

Lee Fields (Credit:Artists Facebook page)

Lee Fields (Credit:Artists Facebook page)

Lee Fields & The Expressions, Manchester Gorilla January 24

Whilst comparisons to the legendary ‘Godfather Of Soul’, James Brown are warmly complimentary, Lee Fields is his own man and should ultimately be recognised as this. With a career spanning numerous decades, his contemporaries were Otis Redding, Carla Thomas and Al Green, though his work never achieved the same commercial success of these.

Lee Fields has worked with such luminaries as Darrell Banks, Kool and the Gang and provided vocals on the James Brown biographical movie, Get On Up. He plays Gorilla with his backing band, The Expressions in what promises to be a spell-binding show.



Wand, Manchester Soup Kitchen January 26

Promoting their fourth studio album, Plum, West Coast noise-makers, Wand bring their vibrant, uncompromising psych fuzz sound to Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Their sound is experimental, expansive and is definitely worth checking out live.

Baba Naga

Baba Naga

Baba Naga, Salford Eagle Inn January 27

Sheffield, shamen, psych-rock outfit, Baba Naga will send you on tripped-out, major euphoric high! With plenty of feedback, distortion and fuzz, mixed in with a fair smattering of pagan spirituality and downright weirdness, expect to get totally blasted into orbit and onto a paralleled transcendental plain. Psych fests take note!

The Night Cafe

The Night Cafe

The Night Cafe, Manchester Academy January 29

If infectious pop melodies and dreamy soundscapes, interspersed with soaring guitar hooks are your thing, be sure to check out The Night Cafe. Their most recent single, Turn has a particularly polished sound which strongly suggests a continued rise in stock for this Liverpool 4-piece. Go see them close up, while you still can.




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