The Killers, Alex Cameron: Liverpool Echo Arena

The Killers at the Liverpool ECHO Arena

The Killers at the Liverpool ECHO Arena

The Killers returned to Liverpool on the Wonderful, Wonderful tour, Getintothis’ Luke Chandley joined the masses at the Echo Arena.

Few bands truly suit an arena setting.

Most simply can’t fill one. Others find their music falls flat in the huge space. Few, though, do truly suit an arena setting. The Killers are one of these acts.

The Killers last played in Liverpool in 2014, and since then they have only released one new CD, Wonderful, Wonderful, which came out this year.

We were interested to see whether we got the hits or the new stuff. We got both. It was a nice mix.

To start off the night was support artist Alex Cameron. Alex sung and occasionally played an acoustic guitar.

His presence was well suited to a crowd who has turned up to see Brandon Flowers and co, as he swooned and swayed around the stage playing his palatable 80’s-inspired indie to the room. And on the plus side, too: his band had a saxophone. Something we’re always happy to see.

We were treated to a bit of a wait for The Killers after Cameron, but this only heightened the excitement in the room. When the lights went out, it was business time.

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The Killers are a funny old band.

Oft mocked for their unashamed pop streak, it’s only when you see them live that you can truly appreciate what they are.

They’re all swagger, bass and solid strut. They’re perfectly set up to blast out each and every note and in Brandon Flowers they have a frontman who knows his craft. He can dart from left to right, can gee-up an audience but most of all, he is inch, pitch, and note-perfect in everything he sings.

His vocal range can’t be done justice via CD, MP3 or vinyl. He sounds awesome and needs to be heard live.

A mention needs to go towards stage design.

The lights, the confetti and the screens blew us away. It’s the golden age of putting on a show. And this was some show.

The Killers played their new stuff, sure. The Man is built up out of funk, sex, and magic and is arguably their best track of the night.

Slow burner Rut is a beautiful track about depression and love, but it is the classics – one in particular – that pushed the adoring fans into gear 5.

No matter what you think of Mr. Brightside – wedding fodder, overplayed nonsense or just plain great – there wasn’t a room in the whole of Liverpool tonight more alive than the Echo Arena during this final song.

Each corner of the room, to the person, cried out this track. I challenge you to not have raised a smile.

Raise a smile and also raise a glass because tonight The Killers brought their A game.

As we said earlier, few bands truly suit an arena setting. The Killers are one of these bands.

Photographs by Rob Loud




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