Singles Club #165



Presenting the final Singles Club of 2017, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood laps up the latest  including a blast from the past from those Beach Goths and a mesmeric Merseyside release.

Single of the Week

RongoRongo – Black Rain

A Black Rain looms over all of us every day in this age of digital reliance, terrifying technological advancements, mental health and capitalist crises around every corner, and RongoRongo are a band fully aware of our political, social and economic climate.

Fortunately, as the band note, this is only temporary and through creativity and the ability to sound our ideas to the masses, we can tackle this rain head on, and you won’t need to cough up a pay cheque to North Face to do so.

A deep, gurgling bass-line begins proceedings before the Liverpool sextet plunge us into a dreamy, aquatic pool, a myriad of guitar riffs melting into each other.

We then enter a realm of intensifying urgency, sharp cymbals chime throughout and the world we were submerged into is a distant memory.

The OriellesLet Your Dogtooth Grow

The first single from the youthful Halifax trio’s debut record, Silver Dollar Moment, due for release in February on Heavenly Records, and at this point they’ve the rock & roll world at their fingers tips.

As always they cram their tune with infectious melody, roaring energy and a moment of indulgence when they call upon influence from psychedelic Turkish composer, Mustafa Özkent and the introduction of a Mini Moog synth which could become a definite aspect of the band’s sound as they progress.

We look forward to 2018, set to be a big year indeed for The Orielles.

St. Jude The Obscure – Diving Bell

A Getintothis exclusive for you here, the wistful pop outfit St. Jude The Obscure have left this atmospheric number on their Bandcamp for your pleasure.

Some of you may have heard this one live before hand, proving a crowd favourite due to it’s captivating build up and finale as lead vocalist Adele Emmas leads a silky smooth call to the ocean.

Asa festive treat they’ll be performing at St. Brides alongside A Lovely War and Astles on December 9, it’s B.Y.O.B too, can’t be bad! Full preview.

Young FathersLord

Mercury Prize- winning hip/hop trio Young Fathers have just announced the completion of their latest record, as they state on their website: ‘Young Fathers have finished a new album. We hope you can hear it sometime in the near future, for now here is a song, a song called LORD. You can’t dance to it.’

While the details remain uncertain, the Edinburgh trio weren’t lying when they say you can’t dance to it, I mean you could, in slow motion, possible weeping, but this certainly isn’t one for the conventional dance floor.

Isolated piano keys run throughout while lead vocalist Alloysious Massaquoi follows an gospel-esque opening chorus with his raspy call, like a raw Frank Ocean on horseback, big booms joining the melee and adding to the cinematic scenes.

Imagine a gospel choir breaking into song during a scene from Blade Runner 2049, those devilish synths striking down like thunder and lightning throughout.

TempesstFeel Better

Alt-folk outfit, Tempesst are a London-based quartet hailing from Australia with all the tricks of the prominent Aussie psychedelic trade scribbled on their CV’s.

Feel Better sounds as though it could be fronted by an uplifted Kurt Vile,  Toma Banjanin channeling the Pennsylvanian’s country-tinged baritone, surrounding it with giddy, swirling guitars and a swaggering rhythm.

The story of the sampler at 50 – the groundbreaking invention that changed music forever

The music video arrives analogous with the age old tale of Adam & Eve, eating something they perhaps shouldn’t and subsequently ascending and descending to the Biblical worlds that hang over our agnostic waking hours.

I don’t even know how to make myself feel better’ Banjanin declares, as the good times have taken their toll and left him with little insight into his emotions.

White RoomTwisted Celebration

Yet another successful step forward by Brighton’s finest psych quintet, Twisted Celebration feels like its title suggests, carnivalesque and full of surprises.

Their approach this time fuses Favourite Worst Nightmare Arctic Monkeys with their close partner in crime Miles Kane, shot through with their signature dose of 70’s psychedelia. They launch into a dizzying chorus, shimmering with sustained guitar twangs and neat percussive bursts of tambourine and vibraslap, it’s alive with mischief and another taste of what this band has to offer.

Their double EP, Eight will be released on December 1 on Deltasonic Records and they play Liverpool later this week (preview).

The GrowlersCharlie

Previously unreleased, recorded circa 2011/12 between the release of Hot Tropics and 2013’s Hung At Heart, The Growlers offer up this vintage piece to transport us back to their early, definitive sound.

Charlie is a downtrodden folk number layered with deep baritone backing vocals, crispy snare hits and sun-kissed strums of a Spanish guitar. Lead vocalist, Brooks Nielsen documents his misreading of Charlie, who seemed like a pretty nice guy, but now they’re all gonna die….

For readers who’ve exhausted The Growlers discography like I have, here’s one more for you to obsess over.

Joe AtkinsonI’m Her Man

DUSST lead songwriter Joe Atkinson offers this gentle, acoustic solo number, telling of his own encounters with unanimous love affairs.

His steady plucks give this one a bright, soothing tone recalling Nick Drake and Alex Turner’s Submarine; intimate and candle lit, charged with sips of wine and  flickers of slide guitar.

A great track for winding down, or sticking on during those contemplative hours, Atkinson is a dab hand both with or without his band.




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