Introducing: The Harringtons, The Trend and Portamento

The Harringtons

The Harringtons

With a trio of new musical delights to sink your teeth into, Getintothis Amos Wynn brings a slab of audio goodness straight off the menu.

For Sheffield band, The Harringtons things have started to ‘step up’ since the release of their debut EP.

Change Is Gonna Come has been played on radio stations across the world, including in countries such as France, Italy, Germany and America amongst others. Lead vocalist Jack Shaw says it is “amazing to be reaping the rewards after all the hard work that went into making it.”

“It goes to show music makes the world seem like a smaller place, even though someone in Mexico has a different life to me; they still play our music. It’s nice to know people are behind the band, because the fans make up half of what we are.”

Along with band mates Brad Cartwright (bass) and Jud Watkin (drums), the band have also enjoyed a tour which included some European dates.

The band enjoys having a close relationship with their fans, saying “its great to hear positive feedback as it lets us know we are doing something right, I think the people who want to complain just sneak out early.”

One thing they are not a fan of, are unsigned bands having a rock n roll attitude without having the tracks to back it up. “There’s nothing worse than bands thinking they’re Johnny hard bastard before they’ve done anything, by acting too cocky you could lose half your fans despite all the hard work you’re putting in.”

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Something they enjoy is the ‘spontaneous’ nature of being an unsigned band and having a sense of not knowing what is around the corner as following the example of The Sherlocks being something they’re keen to do.

As well as being the bands singer, guitarist and songwriter, Shaw also acts as The Harringtons manager by booking the gigs, networking with other bands and even converting their van into a tour bus.

So far, the feedback for Change is Gonna Come has been really positive, with the band receiving lots of support from their friends and family. “Everyone has been buying and downloading the EP, even our local pub has put us on their jukebox.”

So keep your eye out for The Harringtons as they could soon become a band that everybody knows!

Glasgow four piece The Trend, have also been enjoying life recently. With their second EP, Show Me The Light, released last week and a support slot at the Barrowlands coming up, things are starting to come together.

For Ryan Malone (singer and guitarist), Jonny Carroll (bassist), Del Greig (guitarist) and Josh Carmichael (drummer), the reactions to each song are “getting better and better” as they look to expand further and make their music reach more people.

To achieve that, they went on tour back in August and September. Jonny believes “it was a hefty push” doing so many nights in a row, describing it as “total survival.”

One show that has stood out for them was their recent appearance in Glasgow, with Del describing it as “the best gig we’ve ever done.” In the future the band are aiming to get some European dates under their belt, as “it’s definitely something we want to tick off the bucket list.”

The Trend

The Trend

Their gig on December 30 supporting The Complete Stone Roses at the Barrowlands, is a huge occasion for the band. Jonny says it is the venue you most want to play when you come from Glasgow, whilst Ryan believes it’s the best venue in Britain.

One song off the most recent EP, Just Another Friday, is inspired by their experiences of living in the huge music city. Josh says “although your hometown can drag you down at times; it is still our home town no matter what happens there.”

When comparing their two EP’s, the band believe that is sounds more professional than 2016′ Something to Shout About and that it is clear when you compare the two.

The bands line up was completed when Josh and Jonny joined the band two years ago. Since then they have progressed more and more, with the songs really improving.

Despite having some musical differences, the lyrics of the songs have political messages, with Del jokingly saying they don’t write many “cheery love songs.” With Josh’s t-shirt reading “Theresa is a terrorist” perhaps their opinion of the current government is quite obvious. With everything coming together for The Trend there is no chance that they will be going under.

Earlier this year, Wirral producer Portamento saw his track Neon Lover achieve a top ten hit on the Beatport House Charts. Now the London based DJ is looking to expand on that success with hopes of a new EP next year.

Working towards next year’s release, Portamento aka Mat Lomas, has already recorded the lead track and hopes they will also be able to get a video out to accompany it.

He has also collaborated with VEYU head Adam Bresnen, who has provided vocals and helped arrange some of the tracks. The rich reverb of Bresnen‘ vocals combining with Portmento‘ filthy blip induced house, is an altogether different proposition then what regular readers will know of the VEYU man.



To go with this, the duo are hoping to gain a few live performances under their belt in what will mark a distinctive change to Bresnen‘ regular performances.

The aim of Portamento‘ music is to create ‘shimmering and downbeat House’ songs by collaborating with a number of artists to perform various remixes, including his most recent 90s Paris take on Charlie Puth’s Attention.

With more tracks on the way, Portamento will be hoping to continue making huge strives and build on the achievement of Neon Lover.




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