Unknown Pleasures #142 ft. The Assist, Transfigure and Dirty Orange

The Assist (credit: band's facebook page)

The Assist (credit: band’s facebook page)

Looking forward as the clocks go back, Getintothis’ Lewis Ridley makes his Unknown Pleasures debut with three new tunes.

It’s not a hard task to work out where The Assist hail from, and proclaiming themselves as a council pop-rock band they immediately strike similarities with The TwangGive It To Me never rests, and these conflicting sections provide an edge that makes it one popular for those that love a bouncy track.

The spoken word section, typical of the makeup of the track, comes out of nowhere but speaks with a combination of youthfulness and maturity. Straight away it’s a winner.

Newcastle is a interesting music city, it has the potential to be a musical hub and bands like Transfigure may be key to that. Their dazed-house style has earned comparisons to New Order and Depeche Mode but there is also a much more modern appeal.

Their new track, Breathe, presents the brilliant vocals of Grace Blamire as one half of an XX-style male/female exchange with Lewis Norvid. Alex Greenup completes the trio. The track is highly remixable too, when trumpets get involved later on it fulfils itself as a vibrant song with a number of different angles.

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Dirty Orange scoop the prize for the best band name I’ve heard in a while, their new EP XXX featured 4 tracks that have that jolting early Arctic Monkeys sound. They hail from SW, but the capital is just basecamp, they played Manchester’s Indie Week as the opening night of their tour with this release.

Dancing With The Gypsy is especially attractive, its stops and starts on the cusp of explosion, even pausing before a huge final section designed to blow the roof off venues country-wide.




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