Introducing: Delphina Kings, Weekend Wars and Luna Pines

Delphina Kings (credit - band's facebook)

Delphina Kings (Credit: Artists Facebook page)

Back this month with another trio of new bands to tickle the tastebuds is Getontothis’ Amos Wynn with the lowdown.

Delphina Kings, along with many up and coming North West bands, are looking to make their mark on the Indie scene and follow in the footsteps of some of the regions greatest performers.

Brothers Chris (lead vocals) and Pete Gibson (drums), and close friend Andy Hoskinson (bass), have recently released their third single, ‘Like You,’ following on from ‘Lovestruck’ and ‘Kid Calm Down.’

The bands influences stem from the Brit-pop era, and they have recently started incorporating that into their music, making an ‘organic’ change in sound over the past few months.

Mix Pixie-esque guitar riffs alongside modern day pop, and you would get a hint of exactly what Delphina Kings are about. Over the past year, the band have been handed air time on local radio and even, one of their songs also featured in an episode of popular reality TV show, Made In Chelsea.

The Lymm based three piece already had a flourish of gigs in both Liverpool and Manchester, with the next coming at The Magnet on October 20.

Andy believes “there is nothing better than being stood on stage watching people enjoying your music.”
Music was always a path that Delphina Kings wanted to take, as Chris jokes they’ve been “obsessed with it from an early age.” As they continue to play more and more gigs, the band are aiming to “build the fan base and start climbing the ladder.”

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Weekend Wars (credit - band's facebook)

Weekend Wars (credit – band’s facebook)

A fellow Northern band hoping to “take over the world,” is St Helens five-piece, Weekend Wars.

Drummer Bec Birchall, bassist Andy Morrison and guitarist Matt Morgan, formed the band as part of a University project, with rhythm guitarist Adam ‘Rolo’ Rowlands later joining. Lead vocalist, Jack Arnold, was the last member to join, after a chance meeting with the other at Liverpool’s Sound City.

Fast forward twelve months and Weekend Wars would be at the same festival again, only this time they’d be performing on stage.

So far the band has released five singles, ‘She’, ‘Easy’, ‘Flaws,’ ‘Swim’ and ‘Champagne Eyes.’ All are upbeat, catchy and feel good songs that sounds even better live. With the swagger of singer, Jack, as well as some brilliant songs, Weekend Wars are certainly a band to watch live.

Each member of the band brings something new to the table with their different tastes, and aim to follow more than one structure to keep their music fresh.

Despite enjoying being a northern band; they aim to avoid the stereotype of wearing a parka and having a block haircut, and instead take more of a free approach believing they are the type of band “you can take home to meet your mum.”

As they look towards the future they are hoping to build on a recent performance at Manchester Club Academy, with a performance at the Magnet on October 20 also next on the list for them.


Luna Pines (credit - band's facebook)

Luna Pines (credit – band’s facebook)

Finally, a third band to keep an eye on, is Leeds three-piece Luna Pines, made up Olivia Ferrara (vocals), Lotte Van den Berg (Drums) and Ellie Flynn (violin).

Their latest single, ‘My Own Ceiling,’ focuses on Lotte’s own personal battle with severe anxiety disorder and opens up about the struggles of mental illness. The slow-paced song is certainly a moving, a bold and strong message for an upcoming band to send out this early on in their careers.

The band take epitomises the word DIY, as they write, mix and produce their music by themselves, showing the dedication needed in the early days of making your own music.

Throughout this year, the three-piece has been enjoying playing different venues across Leeds, including a sell-out performance at Belgrave Music Hall.

As we enter the backend of 2017 Luna Pines will be hoping to continue looking up and for more sold out venues.





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