Unknown Pleasures #130 ft. Bridie Florence, Dead Sea, Mogli

Bridie Florence by Hannah Olivia

Bridie Florence by Hannah Olivia

Back at the helm of Unknown Pleasures this week, Getintothis’ Jake Marley unearths three more glorious under the radar gems.

Bridie Florence has just released her stunning new single Walk Me Home. She’s an artist I’ve long admired – her songwriting has a personal touch, something that really can’t be underestimated. Her Mind In The Making EP last year was beautiful, particularly a track called Ivory Skin. This new single sees her back firing on all  cylinders – sweeping, warm and utterly exquisite.

Paris outfit Dead Sea bring serious vibes. Sweeping doses of trippy, wavy, reverb-heavy trip-pop beats on track 8.50 made me take notice and now they have a very dreamy new single in the world, appropriately titled Lotion. The pulsy new single pushes the bar higher still, coated with a throughly captivating lead vocal and textured superbly. There’s no throbbing rough edges like it’s predecessor, just a wavy trip through Beach House’s garden. Majestic.

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Hamburg-based artist Mogli writes melancholic gems, sometimes intense and haunting, sometimes delicate and warm. Her songwriting and delivery often takes you to far away places and on latest release Road Holes, soothes your mind and soul, too. Look out for her debut LP Wanderer – it’s sure to be phenomenal.




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