Clean Cut Kid, Get Inuit, Eleanor Nelly: O2 Academy, Liverpool

Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid played a rabble rousing home-coming gig in Liverpool and Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody was in the congregation to pay homage along with the rest of them.

Has anyone seen us before? asked Clean Cut Kid’s Evelyn Halls, We usually play to about 3 people. 

The faithful were amassed in the O2 and there were a few more than 3 of them to see the band tear through what felt like a greatest hits set. On a night where there was serious gig competition in Liverpool it was no surprise this one didn’t sell out, but it was an impressive turnout nevertheless.

An Instagram post earlier in the day had teased something special, so we were intrigued to see how this one would play out. The new album Felt has been on repeat in these parts and, just like more or less everyone else in the room, Getintothis was expecting a blinder.

And we weren’t disappointed. Opener, Pick Me Up set the tone for a buoyant run through of the album with the band bouncing around the stage, clearly feeding off the evident delight from the crowd. By the time they got to play Felt at the end of their set proper, if there were any non-believers at the start, then there were none left.

In the end, the teaser, at the conclusion of a banging Vitamin C was perhaps over-hyped, but the explosion of confetti only served to cement the adulation and the congregation left the building feeling sated.

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Eleanor Nelly opened the proceedings with a short set proving she has a beautiful voice and a country vibe about her, along with a smattering of suitably anguished material. And that’s a good thing.

She was well appreciated by those who arrived early enough to catch her and she even managed to get some to join in with her cover of It Must Be Love. Although the noise bleed from tribute band Novana downstairs was annoying and detracted from an otherwise accomplished performance.

By the time Get Inuit (no relation) hit the stage there was a more respectable crowd and their poppy rock or rocky pop (you choose) wasn’t affected by the grunge coming from below. “Hello Liverpool. We’re here to make some noise”, they, said. And then delivered. Highlights of their set were new single, All My Friends and a pretty thundering Pro Procrastinator to finish off. It was a polished and energetic set. A copy of their EP Luge Lessons for a fiver seemed fair enough value for money. We were pleased to have spent 30 mins or so in their company and would definitely invite them back again.

Photos by Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody




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