Introducing: Sigrid, Papooz, Gothic Tropic



As the days become longer and the weather is finally starting to turn, Getintothis’ Adam Lowerson introduces three new pop belters that’ll have you longing for summer.

Rising Norwegian star Sigrid‘s debut single is one hell of a statement of intent.

Released last month on Island Records, Don’t Kill My Vibe has the feel of an instant pop hit, and is as impressive a debut release as we’ve heard in a long time. Comparisons have been made with Lorde, and there are certainly similarities in the sounds of the two, but Sigrid is in no way an imitator.

Don’t Kill My Vibe is abrupt, has attitude and is absolutely packed with hooks. It’s pop music as it should be, and impossible to get out of your head, with the lyrics snarling “You think you’re so important to me, don’t you?

It’s early days for Sigrid, but she feels primed and ready to make a huge dent in the charts.



Infectious hooks are the theme once again with French duo Papooz, whose slick, guitar led grooves weave their way into your mind.

They may have released their debut record Green Juice back in 2016, but the Parisian pair have still slipped somewhat under the radar. Yet, with tunes like the brilliantly named Ann Wants to Dance, it’s surely only a matter of time before they start to make a real name from themselves.

It’s understated and a slow burner, but hints at the smooth sounds which are prominent throughout the rest of the record. Papooz know how to bring the chilled vibes.

Gothic Tropic

Gothic Tropic

Topping of the trio of top pop is LA’s Cecilia Della Peruti, aka Gothic Tropic, whose synth led sound gives a fresh take on 70s and 80s pop.

With a similar feel to fellow Angelenos Haim, the multi-instrumentalist combines slick, electronic beats with bursts of synth, choppy guitars and gorgeous vocals.

Don’t Give Me Up has a melody to die for making for a real earworm. Again, much like Sigrid, it feels like songwriting tailor made to break into the mainstream, with its glossy production giving it a radio friendly feel. But don’t be mistaken, this isn’t just throwaway pop, Gothic Tropic writes well crafted songs that you’ll be listening to on repeat.




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