Ten Fé, SPINN, Motherhood, J W Ridley: Buyers Club,Liverpool

Ten Fe

Ten Fe

Hotly tipped act Ten Fé played the Buyers Club and Getintothis’ Howard Doupé was there.

Ten Fé are one of those bands that promise big things.
Coming onstage to The Proclaimers Over and Done With Ten Fé’s immediate challenge is playing to a sparse mid-week crowd-  they dive straight into debut album opener Overflow.
Tonight is all about showcasing their debut album highlight and single Turn comes next. More immediate, edgy and expanded live, the song drives into etheral dance vibes which clearly suit the live experience.
What is this bands greatest weapon? Glo-sticks or plectrums?
Third song in and they’re hitting their stride with Elodie. One half of the Ten Fé duo Leo Duncan doing his best to engage a lack-lustre crowd, determined to give a ‘live tonight, sold out’ performance.
Twist Your Arm lands with a spiralling intro, leading into the best vocal delivery of the night. Such a simple yet determined slide guitar riff that screams ‘hit’. Shimmering, shamanic backing harmonies take the crowd into the futuristic psychedelic playground you picture Ten Fé spending their days locked away in.
Another Way follows as Leo Duncan and Ben Moorhouse take their revoving next turn in the spotlight. At their most delicate and dreamy, echoes of Kurt Vile come through providing the most melancholy moment of the night. Make Me Better brings the mood back up and deserves to be all over playlists this summer for the sheer ‘bounce in your stride’ inducing factor.
Ten Fé should be playing much bigger venues to even bigger crowds. They have the tunes and confidence to deliver but whether they can they make the jump over to mass consciousness, only time will tell.

Dysguesia 28:Getintothis’ monthly metal round-up 

Ahead of Ten Fé we had solo guitarist JW Ridley and some driving, floaty tunes. Using some creative triggered samples he’s certainly pushing the boundaries of what a solo performance can deliver. With a live band behind him the sound would soar to almost euphoric proportions. Here’s true musical authenticity, much greater than this young mans years.
Next up, Motherhood inject the space with hard hitting danceable tunes. Catchy, verse-chorus-verse writing treads a familiar path ideally fitting for the latest sun-soaked American teen series.
The crowd are then treated to SPINN and their dreamy, spacious sounds echo Ride with a lead singer who is single-handedly bringing back the oversized baggy jumper and floppy locks look. A gangly, chorus laden sound (everyone’s at it, it seems) drawing from the 80’s sound- the golden era of Scouse Top 40 assault.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Amy Faith




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