Pierre Henry’s The Liverpool Mass to be performed 50 years after it was first commissioned

Pierre Henry-The Liverpool Mass

Pierre Henry-The Liverpool Mass

50 years after Pierre Henry: The Liverpool Mass was commissioned it will finally be performed in Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Getintothis’ Jessica Borden has more details. 

Pierre Henry’s pioneering electronic composition of The Liverpool Mass will be presented on May 13 at Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral.

Fifty years after the piece of music was originally commissioned to celebrate the opening of the Metropolitan Cathedral in 1967, The Liverpool Mass will be played in its entirety and presented as a live mix by Henry‘s collaborator Thierry Balasse.

As the piece of music was specifically designed for the Cathedral, 40 speakers will encompass the entire space and celebrate the setting it was truly intended for. This will also be the first performance of The Liverpool Mass that Henry has cooperated in.

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“Of the celebrations and performance Pierre Henry has said: ‘I am particularly delighted that The Liverpool Mass should at last be performed in full in the extraordinary space of the Cathedral of Christ The King, which it was initially composed for. Since I wrote the piece 50 years ago, it has become something of a musical myth, closely linked with this cathedral. I am very proud to take part in the celebrations for its 50th anniversary, a historic anniversary.’

“This performance ties in with a number of celebrations happening over the city this summer, from Bluecoat‘s 300th anniversary to the 50 Summers of Love and the Cathedral’s jubilee. It will also coincide with the year of Pierre Henry’s 90th birthday.”




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