Laura Marling, Ethan Johns: Albert Hall, Manchester

Laura Marling at Manchester Albert Hall

Laura Marling at Manchester Albert Hall

As Laura Marling returns to Manchester with her sixth studio album, Getintothis’ Jessica Borden is on hand to experience the euphoric folk.

An artist and a venue rarely work together as well as Laura Marling and the Albert Hall.

With a stage covered in leaves and flowers in preparation for Marling’s set, Ethan Johns took to the stage and with loud welcoming cheers he along with a band launch into a set of singer songwriter glory. The set of playing whatever he felt and without promotion (except his new single, Blonde Girl, Blue Dress, of course) was welcomed be the crowd which was already packed in eager anticipation of each next song.

After the strong set from Ethan Johns and the perfect introduction to the night, came the final stretch of waiting until Marling took the stage and as with most sold out shows, the last look around to see everyone cramming into the room and finding any room possible is enjoyed as everyone eagerly stares at the stage.

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Laura Marling, her band and her latest album, Semper Femina.The crowd explodes with applause after each track and sings along with each line. Marling and the full moon have cast a spell over the entire audience and they are all falling at her feet in awe. The strength and honesty that pours out of her lyrics and music  draws people of all ages and seems perfectly represented in the abundance of foliage around the stage.

The rapport between Marling and her band, shows a family like bond with jokes when things don’t run smoothly or the telling of facts they have found out, invites the audience to, for one night, be part of their travelling family and it is one we want to be part of.

As the night draws to an end and Marling states how they don’t do encores, a need to savor this last song takes a hold of the room and like with all incredible nights, it comes to a close too soon but with an  ever lasting memory.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Keith Ainsworth




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