Getintothis Jukebox Thirty Three: Black Honey, Anteros, Noella Nix, Kid Wave, Dream Wife, False Heads, The Orielles and many more

Getintothis Jukebox

Getintothis Jukebox

Getintothis Jukebox is a monthly new music column featuring an eclectic selection of new releases, lovingly complied into playlist form by Getintothis’ Jake Marley.

First off welcome to the thirty third edition of Getintothis Jukebox, sit back and let the bangers do the rest. Now, we start with a statement. Women are absolutely killing it in this industry. That’s not exactly breaking news if you’ve had even half your head switched on, mind.

However in an industry that whether you like it or not, women often have to shout twice as loud to be heard, it’s fabulous to see and hear so many badass women releasing bangers on a daily basis. A fact that is hopefully hammered home by the deserved female domination of this month’s playlist, it’s not exclusive. Lads have killed it too as you will also notice. It just struck me when compiling the 20 tracks just how much women are slaying it in bands right now. It wasn’t intentional bias, it’s just so fucking right. Over to Alex Turner…laaaaadies!

We start off with Black Honey, a band and in particular a frontwoman I could go on about for a good few hours very easily. The reasons why are quite simple, first off they’re just a damn killer band, secondly they write killer tunes, many of which stand out even further live, and finally they’re led into battle by Izzy Bee, easily among the finest frontwomen in the business and one of the nicest human beings you’ll ever meet too.

Back to the killer tunes thing then, before I get all glittery eyed. Black Honey have a habit of releasing old school singles with b-sides every three or four months, normally to coincide with a tour, the latest of which is headed up by fantastic single Somebody Better – a wonderful track with more than a touch of Blondie vibes knocking about it, fuck yeah.

Let’s keep the theme of powerful women and run with it eh. Hello, Laura Hayden. Yes, it’s the damn groovy Anteros and their insanely catchy new single Drunk – a phenomenal track that belongs everywhere; playlists, radio, festival stages, the list’s endless…

Aussie dark-pop producer Noella Nix is another artist who recently came to my attention through her irresistibly massive banger Bad Things.

Terrific trio The Orielles signed to Heavenly Recordings not so long ago, something I remember thinking was a spot on choice all round at the time. An opinion that’s been thoroughly backed up ever since with many festival slots and a huge UK tour upcoming. However the fact they were in session with the great Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music last Monday is arguably the greatest thing to happen since these two joined forces. I say arguably as the phenomenal subsequent performance may have indeed trumped that and their brand new Sugar Tastes Just Like Salt single is pretty damn good too. It’s a full on jam on toast, groovy, scuzzy and utterly irresistible.

Every Dream Wife release is pretty certain to fill lines in this column or appear in this playlist. It’s basically cause they’re ridiculously good. Their latest Somebody continues this trend, so it’s in. It was bound to ‘appen.

I just took a step back and realised the first five artists on this playlist, Amber Arcades and the four above are all playing Liverpool’s Festevol Gardens at Invisible Wind Factory, April 30. Easily the most ridiculously strong lineups of new music you’ll see this year. Now back to Amber Arcades and wonderful new single It Changes taken from new EP out in June on the fantastic Heavenly Recordings.

Now taking a break from women kicking arse, to shout about three lads who, well, kick arse – False Heads. Their new Gutter Press EP is phenomenal, as is single Twentynothing which is featured here. Easily one of the strongest tracks any emerging guitar band have churned out in a long, long time. It’s damn refreshing and so fucking good.

Long favourites of this column, Manchester lads Dantevilles recently released new single Graffiti and shock horror it’s massive. It’d be rude not to include it here, especially when they make it so easy with belters like this.

Jordan Allen released his fantastic EP Livin’ La Vida Bolton recently and all three tracks are absolute corkers with snappy verses and killer choruses. Picking one wasn’t easy, I’ve eventually plumped for 110 Ways To Make Things Better (simply because it gets stuck in my head the most of the three) I’d honestly say just got and stick the EP on though, or better yet catch him live, he’s just been announced as a headliner at the incredible When In Manchester festival.

Quartet Pale Waves have had barrel loads of radio play and blog acclaim for new jam There’s A Honey and it’s not a suprise. It’s a banger of gigantic proportions primed for the festival circuit, sure to propel them high and wide.

Churning out frenetic, riff-filled tracks is the norm for Bryde these days and it’s bloody brilliant. Her latest Less, is most certainly more. It’s a return to the much bigger sound she’s boasted ever since teaming up with Bill Ryder-Jones who turns any artist he touches to gold, it seems. She’s off on tour this Spring, you’d be a fool to miss her, give her EP a whirl whilst you’re at it.

Amsterdam’s Pip Blom doesn’t mess around. Scuzzy new number I Think I’m In Love clocks in at under two and a half minutes but every driving guitar riff makes its mark alongside her ever wonderful delivery. Following up on strong releases such as Hours and Taxi Driver was never going to be easy but she’s nailed it with ease.

Easy comparisons can be made between scuzzy new Spanish quartet Ghost Car and fellow Spaniards Hinds, they’re both quirkily addictive and full of exhuberant energy. Regardless whether you choose to liken them to their counterparts or not, Stuck In The Mud needs to be on any scuzzy/alt playlist you cook up.

Now I normally reserve this column for exclusively new music and emerging artists but now and again artists make returns with ace tracks I just can’t refuse. That’s the case here as the amazing Little Dragon return with new track Sweet this week and it’s racked up quite a few plays here. It’s truly wonderful to have them back and have a new LP on the horizon. Sweet.

They weren’t the only favourites in the last week as my old pal and former NME new music editor Matt Wilkinson now of Beats 1 premiered brand new Kid Wave this week, another band it’s really great to see back. The glorious Everything Changes is the track in question, get it on.

I recently featured wondrous duo SANDSCAPE in my Unknown Pleasures column but I couldn’t resist the urge to slip one of their tracks in here in some form too. It’s a fantastic remix of their single Artificial Rush by the amazing Tusks.

It’s rare to see a remix in this mixtape, they’ve got to be pretty special to make the cut, however in this edition I’m breaking the mould. There’s not one but two, with Dutch Uncles‘ excellent re-work of C Duncan’s Like You Do being too good to miss out.

I only came across Factory Flaws gem GIUNGLA earlier this week but her cracker Cold just had to make the cut. Taken from her debut EP Camo out May 20.

Another track that’s seen the repeat button receive a bit of a hammering recently is Girl 20’s Barely There – it’s fantastic.

Finally there’s a truly gorgeous track a stumbled upon from Bernache, a relatively new artist on my radar and I’m sure many others too. However Your Name has certainly made sure I won’t be forgetting her’s anytime soon. Wondrous.

You can listen to a handy playlist of all our featured tracks below.




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