Unknown Pleasures #118 ft. WILLOH, Drahla, FOXE



Returning to helm Unknown Pleasures once again, Getintothis’ Jake Marley unearths three more under the radar gems to fall in love with.

Women are kicking arse in the music industry right now and have been for quite sometime if you ask me. I guess this latest edition of Unknown Pleasures reflects that, as did the previous edition I penned come to think of it. You can read that one here if you’d like, but without further ado let’s press on with this edition and get straight into the first of three gems.

Riotous Brighton quartet WILLOH burst onto the scene recently with debut track Haircut. You don’t have to look far to see a women leading her band into battle in this industry, just take Izzy Bee of Black Honey or Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice for example, just two of dozens mind. Lead singer and guitarist Sammy Nottage follows that lead here. Delicate vocals and cosy guitar licks shine and swoon before the band charge up hurling the track into a frenzied chorus of infectious rock-out grunge-pop. It’s an absolute riot.

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Next up, Leeds outfit Drahla. A trio with that oh so special MJ, Hookworms seal of approval. It’s sparse, menacing post-punk at heart, as Luciel Brown chants the repetitive verses of Fictional Decision before scuzzy guitars take over in a blaze of dissonance, very Sonic Youth / Parquet Courts. Quite the debut, thrashing b-side Dog Collar Guillotine isn’t bad either. Dive in.

Finally we’ve got FOXE, a trio that never fail to put smiles on faces with their music. You kind of just love them, it’s a given. Upbeat surf-pop, riding the waves with hugely loveable jangles, lush harmonies and wailing guitars. It scuzzes and bops along, gaining energy as it goes like a character collecting consumables in a old school video game. You can totally imagine this playing whilst you skip down the beach on a summer’s evening. It’s wonderous.




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