Unknown Pleasures #116 ft. Queen Of Jeans, Sølv, Wovoka Gentle

Queen Of Jeans

Queen Of Jeans

Returning for his second Unknown Pleasures column, Getintothis’ Jake Marley unearths three more under the radar gems.

Queen of Jeans are a quartet hailing from Philadelphia with a wonderful debut EP in the world. Plucked from that debut EP is a track that really grabs your attention, Moody, a six minute broody dose of light 60s psychedelic charms. It’s beautifully entrancing through waltzing percussion, sweet harmonies and jangly guitars with a haunting atmospheric glaze. Lead vocalist Miriam Devora absolutely slays it. The entire EP is certainly worth your time and they’re oh so perfect for a cold Winter night in by the fire.

London-based artist Sølv is an exciting proposition if her debut EP Black Ink is anything to go by. She’s of the vocal ilk of Lana Del Rey but with a slightly more experimental edge musically. Taken from that very EP is the stunning I’m Your Gun, an ethereal trip-pop gem with low-key blues guitar lines swaying under Sølv’s delicate yet intense crescendos and a trippy electronic drum beat. It’s a truly lushious minimalist soundscape.

Wovoka Gentle is a rather intriguing, constantly evolving project made up of William J. Stokes and sisters Imogen Mason and Ellie Mason. They released their Red EP, the final part of their colour coded series of three EPs late last year. Although frequently evolving the project is built upon an experimental folk-pop base as showcased by stunning track All Exterior Dark. A unique blend of distinct vocals and delicate synths over a low-key beat and plenty of twinkles. Eery, compelling and beautifully woven together.




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