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Odette joins us this month for the eighth edition in our GITmix series, Getintothis’ Ste Knight presents you with the perfect pre-club party popper.

You may recall us introducing Odette back in August when we took a look at her Divine Line and View From the Top EP’s, and the dutch dynamo has returned to our hallowed pages for the eighth edition of our GITmix series.

The young DJ and producer, who comes to us all the way from (just outside) Amsterdam, has been a busy bee since we last touched base with her, which is excellent news for you and your ears. More productions have been unleashed upon us in the form of her bouncing All is Mind EP, and we have it straight from the horse’s mouth that there’s a ton more on the way. Gimme! You can check her productions out over on her SoundCloud page.

Odette‘s GITmix is perfect for your Friday night ‘pre-drinks’. From the minute the woozy, fat bassline kicks you in the guts at the start of the mix, it is impossible not to start fidgeting in some respect, that’s if you aren’t outright shaking your ass from the off.

The low-slung, trippy theme that runs throughout Odette‘s own productions is very much present in her GITmix – something that we can all be grateful for because she really knows how to grab you with them hooks and keep your attention focussed on the music.

You can have a listen to the mix in a minute. First, we shot the breeze with Odette and found out exactly what makes her tick.

Getintothis: “Hi Odette. Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to record a superb mix for us and to have a little chat too. OK, let’s make a start with the timeless classic question…what made you become a DJ/producer?”

Odette: “Hi! Well, as a young girl, I was always obsessed with music. At the age of 10, my neighbour gave me my first house cd; Essential Elements 4 (which I still have here). I was hooked! From that day on music had a number 1 spot in my life and that grew to joining a band at 14, where I was the lead singer. 

When I grew older, clubbing began and I was always the one providing the music at birthdays or parties. My friends often said to me that I should start DJing but I felt a bit insecure – I always had the concern that DJing was a ‘guy thing’. But somehow DJing found me.

One night I was clubbing in Amsterdam and I met a DJ – IlleBitch – over there. We started talking about music and stayed on that topic of conversation the whole night. This was the moment he told me about the DJ course that he ran at the time, and asked me to join. So, I did. And I never stopped.

Producing came later. I had a friend – Camiel Daamen – who is a very talented DJ and Producer and he showed me the Maschine MK1 from Native Instruments. I was SOLD. This was love at first sight and again, once started, I never stopped. It’s an addiction. A good one, thank God.”

Getintothis: “You come from Holland, which certainly has its own take on dance music. How do you think the styles of music that come from your home country have come to influence your sound?”

Odette: “Hmm. Of course, all my years of clubbing have influenced my choice and taste in music, but I feel that my sound is a mix of different styles. I’m a big fan of the Romanian sound, but real old school house music makes my heart beat faster as well. I love minimal tech and groovy tracks. I grew up with artists like Al Green, The Supremes, Sam Cooke. And in my music, I try to bring groove and warmth but also a bit of a dark, freaky feel.”

Getintothis: “You may be aware that UK club Fabric closed for good not so long ago. This, according to the authorities, was due to two drug deaths in the club over Summer months. Do you think the relaxed attitude to drugs in Holland keeps clubbers safer?”

Odette: “Yes. I love the openness that we have here in Holland. The taboo around drugs is smaller over here and at almost every festival we have medical care and info points where people can check their drugs.  I mean, a lot of people take drugs at festivals and clubs, so I feel it’s better to be open about it and take care in this way.  I think it’s a shame that Fabric is done. End of an era.”

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Getintothis: “Your production style is quite trippy, druggy house and tech. What influences your sound?”

Odette: “My mood. It totally depends on my mood what happens in a track. If I feel happy, my sound will be more up-tempo and groovy than when my energy is lower.  But that can also be a good thing, these are the moments my tracks become more deep, melodic and emotional. 

When I start working on a track, I never think about the result or have a plan. I just sit down and my hands start working the machine. It sometimes feels like a trance and then, out of nowhere, there’s a track!”

Getintothis: “What is your favourite piece of studio equipment?”

Odette: “That’s without a doubt my Maschine MK2 from Native Instruments.  I make my tracks with this and always do live recordings in Ableton.  It’s a different workflow but for me it’s the best. That magic of the first recording…”

Getintothis: “How do you feel putting a mix together differs to producing a track?”

Odette: “That differs a lot. Producing a track is all about intuition and creativity, and that just flows naturally for me. Selecting a mix is more arranging and trying to make it fit the best and make the tracks dance with each other. I love doing both!”

Getintothis: “Who are currently your favourite artists?”

Odette: “Enzo Siragusa, Tini, Archie Hamilton, Ricardo Villalobos, Bonobo, Soukie and Windish… The list goes on. I get a lot of inspiration of these artists.”

Getintothis: “Are there any artists who are climbing the ranks along with yourself who you think we should keep an eye on?”

Odette: “Yes, for sure! I’m currently working a lot with Enzo Leep, a talented producer from Spain, which is creating great music and a drops wicked live set.  Also, Luna Ludmilla, a good friend of mine from Holland, is doing a great job with DJing and with producing. I want to see more female DJs taking over the music scene.”

Getintothis: “What records do you find yourself returning to again and again?”

Odette: “Pfft…such a hard question! It’s hard to choose just a couple, but the ones that are always on my mind are Layo Bushwaka– Love Story; Soukie&Windish – Hero; Illan Nicciani & Marwan Sabb – Aya Baba (Guanlong Remix); Loco Dice – El Gallo negro; Daniel Bortz – No One.”

If you’re lucky enough to be knocking around Holland right now, then Odette is playing a set at Revibe, in Pip Den Haag – a nightclub located in The Hague. It kicks off at 10pm so get down there sharpish to see her spinning some wax alongside  Joop Junior, Ici Sans Merci, Charles Gone Rogue, Planty Herbs, Prismus Inter Pares, Fabian Bredt, Gisberto / JEANS & PIP residents.

Otherwise, get all over our newest GITmix below and give it some beans.


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Enzo Leep KambarioBrian’s Mother (Blagoj Rambabov Remix)

Enzo Leep & JayroDakota (Radu Mirica Remix)

Enzo LeepLa Miseria (The Groove Era Remix)

Blagoj RambabovRight To Be Wrong (Original Mix)

Alessio Viggiano & Niccolo BorgiChamomile

Filippo VicarioDoce Insanidade (Zeque’s out to play remix)

Genetikal Twins  – Living Espana

Genetikal TwinsMy Dream

Genetikal Twins My Dream (MobiusStrum)

Rich ForeverMind Flow (Original Mix)

Reelow – iBiza




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