Dr. Cryptic and Jake D: M62 Records, Constellations, Liverpool



As M62 Records host the first of three parties planned for the Autumn period, Getintothis’ resident bass head Dave Brock was there to witness the spectacle.

No one can deny that Liverpool has a lively club scene. With a plethora of house, techno, disco, and even drum & bass events happening each Friday and Saturday, partygoers have near enough unlimited choice on their weekend dance tipple. This weekend particular weekend was no exception, as M62 Records brought Chip Butty Records head honcho, Dr. Cryptic all the way from the Steel City.

The UK Bass side of things has arguably been underrepresented for a while now, at least when it comes to Bassline and the more UKG-centric vibes. M62 Records have made it their mission to change that. They have scheduled a succession of events showcasing not just some of what they feel is the best UK Bass talent right now, but also a strong crew of local talent.

In the garden, the night started off with a smorgasbord of happenings, as the deep subby basslines of a Digital Mystikz remix, followed by the 1999 speed garage anthem by The B15 Project, The Birmingham Crew. The MC bigs the DJ up as a group of M62 loyal followers crowd into the darkest corner of the yard.

It isn’t even 10pm yet and the crowd has heard some of the biggest tunes in bass music alongside forthcoming productions from Liverpool’s local talent.

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The main room proved to be more of the same with so much diversity in styles getting thrown in the mix that no matter what breed of bass you are into M62 had you covered. Jay Erangey played a set of pure bassline anthems, whilst co-headliner and the man behind M62‘s latest release, the Nyabinghi EP, Jake D, who followed, brought back some of the sound system vibes of earlier on in the night.

After a high-octane 30-minute set of self-productions and bass bangers by Lucent, headliner Dr. Cryptic steps up to the decks bringing a slew of heavy bass hitters, from exclusives by Deadbeat to speed garage that would induce beard stroking in even the most learned 4×4 garage connoisseur.

M62 has something special when it comes down to the vibe on the night – it’s genuinely inclusive and that has been what bass nights of this vein in Liverpool have been lacking in recent times. Maybe that’s because M62 are home grown and putting the work in with not just the night time aspect of the scene but also the production and bringing their own productions onto the same plain as the already established.

So with a Halloween special with SirPixalot & Thorpey, and a Tumble Audio take over headlined by DeadBeat and Killjoy coming up, combined with the label efforts of Lucent, Hayden, Perry, and Tubz, M62 are definitely ones to watch.




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