Introducing: Bad Pony, Pi Ja Ma and Agua Roja

Bad Pony

Bad Pony

With summer finally gracing us with its presence, Getintothis Craig MacDonald goes on the hunt for its soundtrack.

I bet you never thought we would see the day. Finally, after what seems longer than a Guns n Roses reformation, summer is well and truly here.

Yes, it’s time to hide your woolly jumper and get those shades on, but it’s also time to get yourself up to speed with some fresh talent to make sure that your time under the sun is spent wisely. Here, we think we have found your summer essentials,  as we run through a trio of some of the best talent around.

Bad Pony - photo from

Bad Pony – photo from

One of the most exciting acts to have come out of Australia are Bad Pony. Hailing from Sydney, the five piece are swelling with infectious hooks and a vibrancy that chips away at you, till you submit to their ways. They can produce scintillating indie pop effortlessly, as proven in the jangly swell of latest track Sideways. If there was a band that can get you into your groove this summer, surely it’s Bad Pony.

Pi Ja Ma - photo from artists own tumblr

Pi Ja Ma – photo from artists own tumblr

The shower of alt pop that Parisian Pauline de Tarragon aka Pi Ja Ma can produce, is a crisp and delectable as a freshly baked pastry in Montematre. The visual artist and singer has just released her first EP, Radio Girl and with it a trio of tracks that make her a bonafide songwriting sensation in the making. The sugar like texture of the record’s title track is unabated and we predict you will be making this track your new habit of choice.

Agua Roja - photo from

Agua Roja – photo from

If there is a more continental band right now than Agua Roja, then you’re lying. A name taken from Spain, with members from Paris, who sing in English. The trio create intimate rivers of surf like emotion. Their latest release Joey puts you in a daze, as it flows freely over shimmering melodies like the tide meeting the beach. With only one release to their name so far, their is a real sense that they have the goods to produce something really special.




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