GITmix 005: Lonya

Lonya 1


The latest in our GITmix series sees Getintothis’ Ste Knight present Tel-Aviv based artist, Lonya, for an hour of chunky, techy, house music

Lonya is no stranger to the electronic music world. One only needs to take a look through his back catalogue to see the wealth of production credits to his name. As well as an impressive raft of solo work, you will also see that various well-respected artists have worked alongside Lonya, including the likes of Audio Junkies, and Oliver Deutschmann.

Not content with producing his own records, Lonya also sits at the helm of the Asymmetric Recordings imprint, which continues to push the envelope in terms of innovative electronica. The label itself mirrors Lonya‘s own cultural diversity – he is Russian-born, having been raised in Moscow, and now resides in Tel-Aviv, Isreal – and features artists from all over the globe, representing a wide range of different styles.

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Lonya‘s latest release, The Morning After, has just been dropped on Darkroom Dubs. The EP has bee produced alongside Mariano Mellino, and features some lovely proggy numbers, with ethereal vocals accompanying some stunning synth work for a real blissed-out affair. You can check out a preview here.

We’re delighted to have Lonya on board for our latest GITmix. It’s a perfect mix to start your weekend off with a nice little bang. Get all over it, below. If you’re bang into what you hear (which you should be) then Lonya makes his UK debut at Ministry of Sound, at the Sudbeat Showcase, on August 12.




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