Getintothis Jukebox Twenty Five: Honeyblood, Boxed In, Daisy Victoria, Kashmere, Crimsons, Clare Sophia and more

Getintothis Jukebox

Getintothis Jukebox

The Getintothis Jukebox is an eclectic selection of the best new tracks released into the ether from around the globe and lovingly compiled by Getintothis’ Jake Marley.

It’s been a month of rather peculiar music headlines. Cliff Richard is exploring suing the BBC for invasion of privacy, Morrissey is ‘back’ and so is the rather ridiculous pricetag he comes with. A staggering £70 is the starting rate for tickets to his one and only UK date at Manchester Arena, although I’m sure they’ll be appearing on re-sale sites well into hundreds of pounds in no time too. Elsewhere the ‘has Taylor Swift had a boob job’ saga goes on and Sky Ferreira and Frank Ocean continue to be pestered for ‘delaying’ their new albums, although the latter seems more interested in his Calvin Klein campaign at the minute anyway. It’s shaping up to be a weird ol’ month, let’s quickly restore some parity with a selection of weird and wonderful sounds, it’s Getintothis Jukebox time.

SeaWitches are back with new music, tracked at Parr Street Studios by acclaimed musician and in-demand producer Bill Ryder-Jones, whose recent credits include The Wytches, Hooton Tennis Club and MINNETONKA. New track Tempest oozes propulsive grooves over jagged dense edges, right to its post-punk, Cure-esque core.

Wild Fruit Art Collective are busy bleeding fresh life into Liverpool’s underground scene. It’s always great to see new projects springing up, each offering something fresh and different to the norm. Their early cut Fabric is just the tonic for people disenchanted with normality. Packed full of Latin American charm from the get go, spurts of trance-like psychedelic riffage and throbbing post-punk rhythm ‘n’ rhyme ride the waves, tantalising your ears with every spiral and reverb flicker. Simpliciter praeclarum.

Blues-rock kicker Ball & Maze from Mad Alice has pricked ears up around town lately, filling a dark void in Liverpool’s music scene with feisty angst. Blending trickling riffs with fuzzy outbursts expertly alongside Caitlin Hare’s commanding vocal display, this one bites, sparky.

LIMF Academy 2016 finalist Clare Sophia has unveiled her brand new single. Primed for the radio, Voices blends soul-filled pop vocal delivery with subtle electronic elements to create a hook-filled summer soundtrack you’ll be humming for months.

Kashmere make their Liverpool debut playing for The Music Manual Presents at Buyers Club, August 12. Part of a Stockport scene that is gathering increasing momentum, they recently released promise-filled new single Blow Your Mind, a moody synth-filled indie-rock pumper. Certainly a foundation to build on for a band developing quite a following.

The debut release from Gothic-psych Manchester band Crimsons I Bring The Rain is up there with the best underground tracks of the year so far, at times packed full of riffs, at times ballad-like but majestically psych-led throughout with dark vocal delivery and pummeling rhythm.

They hail from Keighley, Leeds but The Sailmakers sound like a Mersey band that never was. Mixing psych-rock with synth-heavy elements Giving It All Away, shows just how lovely their sound really is. There’s Coral-esque rhythms in the mist and even a collaboration with former Coral guitarist Lee Southall. The LP is majestic, go and buy it.

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This months’ local gig round-up features a special look at LIMF taking place next week. In our Jukebox playlist below there’s four new artists; Paige Leslie, AZTEX, Espa and I See Rivers. Go and check them out, we at Getintothis Jukebox HQ are very excited about them, four glorious new gems playing across LIMF events.

Now, every Getintothis Jukebox has an added pleasure, the global new music picks. A specialist bundle of tracks artists have dropped into the global ether in the last month. It’s like pick ‘n’ mix when you close your eyes. You could get anything, who knows what’s dropping in: here it goes, go mad, take the lot as your own, impress your mates, no complaints here.

Honeyblood are back in the groove and new track Ready For The Magic, is relentless, insane garage-riffage with kicks, screams and ridiculous hooks all over the place. New album Babes Never Die is available for pre-order now and they’re off on a UK tour later this year too. Go get yourself some.

Next up, there’s an extremely catchy new Boxed In track in the world. But we just can’t get the gist of it (you’ll get the pun once you’ve listened.)

London twosome FKL or Sage Redman and Joe Gillick are firing on all cylinders with new gem Elliot, the b-side to their lead release On The Water, released last month. It’s avant-garde dance with gritty British grime sections. Quite something, really.

There’s two great new grime finds on this month’s Jukebox. First up, Farmer is the new cut from really exciting Glasgow electro-grime maker Polonis as heard on Channel 4’s Best Before with Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart, whilst Noire is an instrumental french-inspired grime gem from Wu-yen- the alter ego of grime prodigy HI5GHOST.

Now to Canada for a fill of Kim Gray’s casio-toned synth-pop. Taken from his debut full-length, Perfume Ghost is a very, very lovely track. Shoegaze to the stars.

Animal Lover is the new track from Daisy Victoria, her first release since pop-gem Pain Of Dancers last year. This track instantly distances itself from its predecessor and shows her versatility as an artist. More Brit-pop edged but with Victoria’s exquisite vocal power and assurance, think Suede meets Kate Bush.

Last but not least Beachhead is the chirpy debut release from Basingstoke outfit FABRICS and it’s a scuzzy, surf-pop gem. Soundtrack your summer with this, no-one will bat and eyelid, essential playlist material.

This month’s Getintothis Jukebox guest pick comes from Luke Griffiths of London band False Heads, who’s picked Out Of Use by Mystified. Luke said of the track: “We’ve played with Mystified a few times and they kill it live. This tune builds the verses into the choruses perfectly, exploding into a wickedly catchy little hook. Great energy and weird little guitar licks.”




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