Exclusive: Loka announce comeback with new video for Herculaneum Rock



Loka will release their long-awaited new album Northern Oscillations this Autumn, with new video for Herculaneum Rock premiering exclusively here, as Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke can exclusively reveal.

It’s been far, far too long since we heard from Loka, the left-field Merseyside collective who enthrall in all but their release schedule. They are, in short, not the most prolific of bands, yet such is the calibre of their hypnotic, mazing blend of genre-defying textures that many would forgive them the five year wait it’s taken for new album Northern Oscillations.

It has been, indeed, half a decade since Passing Place, the band’s internationally acclaimed last record, released then on the mighty Ninja Tune, itself coming five years after their 2006 debut Fire Shepherds.

Now signed to the similarly supreme Liverpool label Salvation Records, home of Strange Collective and the group’s third record will be released this Autumn. Their comeback single Herculaneum Rock was released April 29 and the video premieres with Getintothis below.

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The track, a characteristically genre-defying outing, flies with urgent, pacy guitars, motorik rhythm and heady weaves of mesmeric male and female vocals, and is partly named after Liverpool’s historic Herculaneum Dock. In keeping with its namesake, the band attack themes of societal decline and community under the rule of Magaret Thatcher.

Along with the new album, Loka have also announced a very special return to live performance with a date at the Eagle Inn, Salford on May 5. Their live shows are the stuff of legend, and this is a comeback gig that’s definitely not to be missed.




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