Mitternacht: Lift Off



Under his solo moniker of Mitternacht, Getintothis’ David Hall unearths a powerful new track from Jonny Davis Le Brun, of Liverpool’s very own RongoRongo.

Fresh from a prestigious nomination on The GIT Award shortlist RongoRongo member Jonny Davis Le Brun now presents the latest music from Mitternacht, his electronic solo project.

Lead track Lift Off begins as a glacial Animal Collective-centric tapestry of looped drums and warped synth textures, becoming more and more frenetic until it has proliferated into a crushingly heavy Warp Records-inspired, searing piece of white noise which roars and thunders with fury.

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All of this is a far cry from the slick RongoRongo formula of noir-pop, with forthcoming album Echoing Timbers favouring what Le Brun himself describes as a sound connoting “the intensity of renewed natural life in urban spaces at springtime”.

We would urge you to check out Lift Off below to observe the accuracy of this claim; there is certainly a wild, organic feel to the track, whose tendrils creep and bloom over the paralysed listener like a timelapse forest.




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