Introducing: Little Rivers

Little Rivers

Little Rivers

As Little Rivers whisks him away into a dream-like daze, Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald hails the melanchoic majesty of the Belfast songsmith.

Some singer-songwriters are a dime a dozen these days with anyone who can string together three chords and a lyric into some sort of a song proclaiming themselves to be the next Elvis Costello or Jeff Buckley while casting modesty and mystery to the wind.

Belfastian Callum Cairns AKA Little Rivers is thankfully one who does not fit into this bracket.

First coming to people’s attention some four years ago with his debut EP We, I, Cairns can produce enchanting tales which wrap around you tightly in their grip. His vocals are truly astonishing at times, as on the dream-like offering Only God, and genuinely stick deep within you.

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Having taken the decision to spread his wings and take up new surroundings a couple of years later, Little Rivers released his eponymous EP with his sound continuing to flourish under his new settings. On the stunning I Have Lost No Sleep, Cairns’ complex layers are a thing of real beauty much like that of Iron and Wine or Daughter at times. With the promise of new material on the way, we will be keeping an eye on what’s to come from Little Rivers.

You can get a chance to hear Little Rivers soothing sounds at Fat Sisters new monthly night at The Buyers Club on April 3, as he joins the bewitching Go Fiasco and space cadets FUSS in a trio of top talent.




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