Unknown Pleasures #71 ft. Isis Scott, Plague Vendor, Flamingods



Stark, uncompromising noise, furious Californian punk and globetrotting lopsided drone all feature in Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke‘s 71st introduction to the best of the week’s new music.

I was introduced to Non Records just over a month ago via UP66‘s Moro and his uncompromising reclamation of the African heart of Argentinian music. Stark, boundary-pushing and viscerally exciting, he shares adjectives with labelmate Isis Scott, whose three-track release King Isis appeared this week.

Based in Detroit, Scott works in both sound and vision. Her debut exhibition, Disruption, saw the 22-year-old provide an edge of intensity with her own DJ set, and the new release is no less tenacious, a dramatic, attacking deconstruction of genre, a gripping soundscape laced with gunshots and stabs of noise, including twisted samples of Rihanna‘s Diamonds.

We’re on more familiar ground with the latest taste from California punks Plague Vendor‘s forthcoming sophomore LP, Bloodsweatout March 23. Ox Blood is the fourth track to be previewed by their label, the legendary Epitaph, and continues to paint a picture of a heavier, more garage-led edge to the blunt, frantic hardcore of their 2014 debut, Free to Eat, though they’ve lost none of the enthralling, nervous energy that made that record so visceral outstanding.

The blurb accompanying the debut of Rhama, the new one from  Flamingods, says the band “see their calling as an otherworldly beast combining their favourite animal – the flamingo – with mythology”. Clue’s in the name I suppose.Formed in Bahrain, now split between there and London the product is an off-centre drone of globetrotting texture, their inspiration taken from the hyper-psychedelic mania of cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky worn clearly on their sleeve.




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