Unknown Pleasures #70 ft. Dreamin’ Wild, Twig Pigeon, DAUNT



Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke once again presents his three newest favourite tracks, this week with help from two artists featured Unknown Pleasures gone by.

I tend not to repeat myself in this column – it keeps things fresh and, well, Unknown – but two of our three tracks this week come via previous featurees. The first, Australian outfit Dreamin’ Wild, was introduced to me via  the Facebook of UP17‘s Fraser A. Gorman, a personal favourite.

“This song is an absolute ripper he said of their new single, Doncaster Shadow“Getting up on most Mondays to face the harsh reality of life is sometimes a struggle within itself. Especially when you have to get up and get absolutely crushed by whatever day job, means to a goddamn end thing that you do” But every now and then a little musical gem comes along when you are feeling utterly woeful and brings you back up. Back on top.

It is, indeed, an understatedly beautiful piece of work, released as a 7″ the start of this month on Australian indie label Moontown Records. Slow, noirish pop, swimming in melancholy organ and drifting guitar, he’s put us on to a winner.

We stay in the southern hemisphere for our second track of the week, and see the return of the supreme talents of UP63‘s Wallace, lending her prodigious neo-soul talents to the first track to appear from Auckland outfit Twig Pigeon‘s forthcoming E.P 1, released in May.

Wallace‘s rich, soulful voice is every bit as captivating as it was when I first heard it back in December, with Twig Pigeon‘s twisting instrumental of bright, mazing electronic jazz the perfect backing for her brilliant flexibility, at times high and delicate, at time driving with a low, smokey thrust.

London’s DAUNT, finally, premiered the first of a number of tracks to be premiered after over a year since rabidly received debut single, This Body Rushes made waves online. The ensuing months have seen a moodier maturation, the musician’s exquisite blend of textures lent a darker edge by a trip-hop spine of slow, swaggering rhythm, the enigmatic singer’s vocals still faultless.




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