Saltwater Injection, Sleep Beggar, Sweet Deals on Surgery: Maguires Pizza Bar, Liverpool


Saltwater Injection

Punk and pizza, who can say no to that? Certainly not Getintothis’ Janaya Pickett who went to check out Saltwater Injection’s EP launch pizza bash.

In celebration of the release of Saltwater Injection‘s debut EP Regurgitated for the People, Antipop Records hosted a pizza party at Maguires last Saturday night. It promised to be something loud and something different. And it did not disappoint.

Saltwater Injection’s punk inspired hardcore rock has its eyes set on global domination and the maiming of all bosses. The bass and drum duo from Ellesmere Port released their first double A side Vinegar/Cuntryfile last year, affirming their anti-establishment position and intent on making ears bleed. There was much anticipation surrounding the release of Regurgitate and the duo was recently name-checked in a our 40 years of punk rock piece, under North-West bands to keep an eye on.

Opening the show were Holyhead’s industrial noise-fest Sleep Beggar, who blended heavy electronica and rap/screamed versus into poetically dystopian music. Not unlike Sacramento legends Deftones, the beats are relentless yet danceable and the vocals brimming with genuine emotion. They were a sharp taste of what was to come from the event, curated by Anitpop, who pride themselves on promoting the freshest new acts.

Next up were Manchester pop-punk band Sweet Deals on Surgery. Fueled by fast paced drums, beautifully harmonised vocals and melodic guitar sounds, the trio pack a tight punch, banging out track after catchy track, only pausing for a broken guitar. After a quick fix the band finish their set, upon which realising that they’d also blown an amplifier. Their energy is so fierce on-stage that it was a wonder the drums weren’t also a casualty of their performance. The established sound of Sweet Deals on Surgery was a real treat; their songs proved infectious and addictive.

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Then came the main event, Saltwater Injection – launching wholeheartedly into their manifesto whose message stands for peace, but whose delivery promises violence. However, there was variation in their madness and their set of ten songs showed a band evolving.

Their presentation is deliberately abrasive (describing themselves as ‘the musical equivalent of being hit in the face with half a brick’) but there’s a natural flow to their music which suggests their boyish deviancy is fronting something more profound. Their musical influences vary greatly and it shows. The fact that such richness can be found in a bass and drums is credit to the band’s craft and talent. Their political agenda is current and refreshing making them, quite frankly, likeable: Their tracks Cuntryfile and Kill A Boss would find sympathy with many a working person in today’s climate, metal head or not.

The band power through their set, leaving a trail of destruction, drums and shed clothing in their wake and before you could say ‘Sexual Adventure’ the party was over. The bands offstage humbleness stood out against the ferocity of their performance (full of sexual innuendo and vomit) and what was evident was a real and genuine dedication to music above all else.

Saltwater Injection are not for the faint hearted, likened to Bleach era Nirvana, yet the duo are all inclusive with their sound and wish to regurgitate their message to all people. All the acts performing that evening were united in their originality and those who missed out certainly missed a trick: these are definitely bands to be watched!

Regurgitated for the People is available now on Antipop Records.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Perry Leach





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