Introducing: GUNNS



Gunns bring their glistening funk-pop majesty to Spinning Top Records, Getintothis’ Jake Marley has the lowdown.

When Australia’s Spinning Top Records sign a band there’s an unwritten musical law in place demanding you take notice. For those of you not familiar with the Aussie label, Spinning Top HQ is a place untouchable psych-rockers Tame Impala call home.

GUNNS appear to be the next band to emerge from the fabled Spinning Top crypt and boy are they darn tight. This is a quartet sent direct into flight with a rhythm section practically dancing on the clouds, topped by sparkling chords and warped vocal mannerisms.

You’ll do well to find a groovier psych-trip than She’s A Rainbow. Packing beautiful nods to the glistening funk-pop majesty of labelmate GUM’s Glamorous Damage while masterfully empowering the smoothness of 70s lo-fi. It’s next gen beach-side rock, cutting through you with needles of jaunty guitar, mid-tone bass and funky synth. Atmospheric, low-fied to the max, Kevin Parker esque, sunny lyricisms. 70s and 00s arrangements walking hand in hand like Right Twix and left Twix.

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Iggy and The Stooges might have something to say about GUNNS’ latest cut however, titled Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog, didn’t Iggy and co. answer that question in 1969? The track itself is essentially thick coatings of soft psychedelia, lavishly painted over a raspy, distantly warped vocal akin to Nicholas Allbrook’s Blanket 3072. Utterly captivating for a group still in relative infancy.

Amazingly all this can be said of a group without a full or half length record release to their name. All however will change come February 12, as GUNNS release their debut EP titled She’s A Rainbow on Spinning Top Records. Buy it, play it, enjoy it. Be quick, they won’t be a secret for long.




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