Beach Skulls sign with PNKSLM Recordings


beach skulls

Liverpool garage rock band, Beach Skulls, are set for their debut album release with PNKSLM Recordings, Getintothis’ Joe Ray Woodhouse reports.

Beach Skulls, a three piece garage rock band from the Wirral, have just announced a partnership with PNKSLM Recordings (pronounced Punk Slime – let it roll off the tongue), which will aid them in their pursuit to bring fuzzy summertime waves to music fans around the world, sure to leave many in a blissful daze.

The deal is already bearing fruit, with new single Santa Fe, and an impending album release on April 29, Slow Grind. The new track has shades of Primal Scream and a touch of Spiritualized running through it, but ultimately it’s Beach Skulls through and through. Lo-fi summer haze is what they provide in spades, and the new track can go toe-to-toe with its inspirations.

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It’s taken five years since formation to find the right record deal, but it’s caught them at their most refined, at their most exciting – the future is suddenly wide open for this Liverpool band. First the UK, next the beaches of the world!

Beach Skulls new album is available to preorder here. In the meantime, listen to their latest track below.




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