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Night Beats

Night Beats

Getintothis’ Matthew Wood soaks up a shoegaze take on an 80’s classic, spooky electronica and some moody Mariachi from 90’s legends.

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Night BeatsSunday Mourning

Admittedly a sucker for all things Heavenly, and having recently signed to their label, Night Beats were bound to feature. While i’m in confessionary mode, I’ll admit I had never heard of the band until I received the PR and frankly they astounded me with not only this track, but the years prior that I’ve sadly missed.

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For starters, their name is a homage to one of the most powerful voices as well as one of my all time favourite artists Sam Cooke. On top of that they’ve toured with The Black Angels in the UK and The Black Angels hardly ever tour the UK to add salt to the wounds.

The track is equally impressive, sounding much like The Stone Roses if they’d have spent several years in the desert. The drums provoke a familiar swagger and there’s enough scorching guitar riffs to keep this one on loop for days.


When I Am KingSomething Inside

Following their support slot with Shura during Liverpool Music Week, there’s another slice of When I Am King’s cleverly infused RnB.

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In a genre that relies so much on production quality, Liverpool based acts are leading the pack; with their counterpart Xam Volo, When I Am King are offering music of such a high quality it’s only a matter time before they’re snapped up by a major label.

Something Inside is a blueprint for a killer RnB hit; you’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

Josefin Öhrn + The LiberationTake Me Beyond

Eliciting glittering reviews from some of the industry’s principle figures (Q Magazine and The Guardian) it seems Swedish collective The Liberation fronted by Josefin Öhrn can do no wrong.

Complete with sweet, smokey vocals that curl wistfully over the band’s kraut infused psych blend, their latest ticks all the boxes for a soundtrack of one of those dreams you don’t want to end.


FrancisFollow Me Home

Swedish quintet Francis possess a sound that is so subtly brilliant that every aspect of their latest track is so poignant, and it’s rare you find a band offering such synergy.

Vocals crash and tumble elegantly over the precise grooves and exemplary beats that simmer and erupt at just the right time. Guitar and piano chat amongst themselves, grabbing your eardrums without pervading the track, adorning melodies with their shrewd charm.


Here We Go MagicBe Small

We haven’t heard a peep out of the Brooklyn trio since 2012’s A Different Ship, the band’s members seemed to be drifting apart. Fortunately, core members Luke Temple and Michael Bloch have floated back together for a track that boasts a distinct ‘floaty’ quality itself.

Like conscious clouds that know exactly where to be, the band have mastered a woozy pop that drifts and swoons but with real purpose.

An overlapping, effortless chorus takes centre stage with psychedelic vignettes flickering throughout like reels of old, sourceless film.

The dreamiest of solos tops this one off, with an odd baritone message bookending the track, but I’ll leave that for you to figure out.


SpaceStrange World

Tempting a wide range of tastebuds on your musical palette, Scouse stars of the 90’s Space are set to release their new album Strange World in March next year and their latest single follows their eclectic vein of their heyday.

Offering a spicy slice of Mariachi influence, it wouldn’t sound out of place in a set from The Growlers. Tommy Scott, however, has retained his vocal proficiency over the years and sets the track apart with cool delivery that shimmers over the gloomy Mexican blues. Check out the snazzy video too – by Crosby-based photographer Mark McNulty.

Best served with Salsa and Guacamole.


Public MemoryLunar

An electronic battle between good and evil, in which evil seems to prevail, Lunar spooks us with sinister drones and chimes.

Our perspective, however, alters as the song progresses and Robert Toher boasts his ability to transform a drone and drum clap into complex textures that intrigue and unnerve in mesmeric fashion.

This one really hits home if you’re in the right mood.



Any Kagoule fans out there will be familiar with this one, but the bands have released a rip roaring live video to accompany Greenbeefo/Centralwing from the Nottingham alt rockers’ debut album Urth.

It’s perfectly executed discordance; there’s unorthodox melodies that clash and collide for a Sonic Youth vibe, stop/start riotous drumming and an indefatigable energy.

If this performance doesn’t get you down to their show at The Cavern on 11th November then i’m not sure what will.

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Pink Milk I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner Cover)

Ever wondered what a Nico fronted shoegaze band would sound like? Well wonder no more…

A fuzzy Foreigner cover that honours the 80’s Grammy Award winning hit with an adventurous stab that makes it almost a completely different track altogether.

The crunchiest of drum sounds flow amongst vocals that soar above the irresistible blurry textures and turn this track into something nobody ever thought it would become.

Even if it isn’t strictly ‘new’, it’s an impressive spin on the classic and retains something heartfelt from the track we have all come to know.




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