Introducing: S T R A N G E R

The only existing 'photo' of S T R A N G E R


With barely anything to find out about them online, Getintothis’ Ste Knight ponders the ethereal music of mysterious Liverpool artist S T R A N G E R.

The beauty of Soundcloud is (despite its many faults) that every so often it throws up some really great music which, under normal circumstances, you would never have come across.

One such instance occurred recently with the appearance of S T R A N G E R on the random player. The artist him/her/it-self remains a complete mystery – which could well be intentional given the artist name – there is literally no other mention of them anywhere across the whole of the web.

This matters not, as all we need to know about this enigmatic figure can be found on their artist page on Soundcloud.

The music available for your listening pleasure is largely of an ambient nature. In fact some of the tracks are not wholly dissimilar to Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works.

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The EP MCMXCIX contains elements which are akin to the prepared piano works of John Cage, while seemingly drawing inspiration from Stars of the Lid and John McCafferty‘s joint effort Per Aspera ad Astra. There’s even some elements of Ulrich Schnauss‘ and Matthew Herbert‘s electronic escapades

Any fan of ambient music is bound to appreciate the work that S T R A N G E R is producing, and the air of mystery surrounding the artist all adds to the atmospherics and means we can can judge the music on its own merit rather than relating it to a tangible human being.

S T R A N G E R is definitely one to watch. Here’s hoping we see some more of their Elysian electronica soon.




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