Introducing: Luna Semara


Luna Semara

With her second release Mustafa about to drop, Getintothis’ Ste Knight sits in The Pink Room with Luna Semara.

Techno is enjoying an upsurge in outstanding female artists, from the likes of Nina Kraviz, to Maya-Jane Coles to Ellen Alien naming just a few. We’ve got a new kid on the block in the form of French techno producer Luna Semara, who’s recent The Pink Room EP sent lush analog waves through the techno community.

The Pink Room was Luna‘s debut release, available now on Stephan Bodzin‘s Herzblut Records. Luna works very closely with Stephan both from a live and a production perspective. Talking to Getintothis about her work with the Herzblut ringleader Luna tells us, Stephan is a fascinating person, a true artist, a creative mind, full of energy, eyes wide shut, very talented and really experienced in the studio. I love to work with people who know more than I do, to get to learn and grow. We also have excellent times in clubs. I open the night, I love it to start when only a few people are present and to cook it slowly and then Stephan takes over. It´s always a highlight for both of us, because it really fits music wise.”

Stephan‘s influence is obvious in Luna‘s productions. Her tracks have an almost natural feel despite being electronically generated. Indeed it could well be the use of analog synthesis which generates this ambience. Luna’s fondness for analog synths is apparent on the EP and includes the use of “synths like CS80, Arp 2600 and so on, drum machines from Roland or Vermona.”

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Further influences are also evident. The tracks are reminiscent of Carl Craig’s Innerzone Orchestra project. Luna cites Carl Craig as one of her role models. Her music is intended to be “sexy and raw, really organic, true stuff. I recorded samples from a Vermona ER-9, other rhythms are hand-made and it gives this analog feel. On the dance floor, I really love tracks that build up slowly, giving space for own feelings to come up. That was the main inspiration”. This emotion can certainly be felt when listening to The Pink Room as the soundscape envelopes its audience inducing almost synesthetic sensations.

The debut record is a lush analog affair which bubbles away beautifully around the 115bpm mark, eschewing the higher tempo favoured by most current techno producers in order to allow her tracks to breathe and evolve and the listener to feel and be absorbed by the music.

The first track on the A side of The Pink Room is Arp Choir and this was the highlight of the EP for us (although both tracks are fantastic). With its wonderfully hypnotic arpeggiated synths we enter orbit while the squelchy acidic bassline rumbles along on the earth below. Arp Choir takes you on a galactic voyage before landing you softly back on your feet.
Next up on the flip is title track The Pink Room which is a throbbing, brooding pulsar threatening to explode at any moment. The bottom end in this track swells and pulsates which makes the track feel very organic, as if it is a sentient being breathing of its own accord. The drum programming is minimal in The Pink Room, giving centre stage to the bass and lovely little syncopated synth stabs.
It is fair to be said that Luna has set the bar high with her debut release, and we are certain we will be seeing more success in the future for the young producer. Her next release Mustafa “is a healing one, all about thankfulness”. Sounds fantastic and you heard it here first! Keep your eye’s peeled…
In the meantime you can check out Luna‘s debut EP The Pink Room  below.




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