Euros Childs set to bring Sweetheart to Leaf Tea Shop

Euros Childs and Laura Martin at Leaf

Euros Childs and Laura Martin at Leaf by Simon Lewis

As Harvest Sun prepare to bring Euros Childs to town for another sure to be special show, Getintothis’ Paul Fitzgerald anticipates this laconic Welsh troubadour’s performance.

Since 1991, Euros Childs has provided us with some fine and glorious moments of wonder, both with his band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, and since the band’s split in 2005 when he went solo. October sees the release of his eleventh studio album, Sweetheart. Ever the man to take an interesting angle, he sent his parents on holiday for a week in April, and moved himself and his band into their seaside home to record the album. But only after he’d gone round the village apologising in advance for the noise they were about to make. Armed with his trusty electric piano, he’ll be at Leaf on the October 8.

Recording in the house gave Childs the opportunity to record using the piano that the songs, like much of his work over the last twenty years, were written on, making the whole experience a little more homely. Work started on Monday morning, and by Friday evening, the album, recorded entirely live, was complete. Fifteen songs of typically playful and eccentric Kinks-like psychedelic pop, such as the ridiculously pretty jaunt that is Fruit And Veg, later, its easy to see why the neighbours didn’t complain. Who would?

We’ll be on hand to Leaf to witness the product of this week at the Welsh seaside, and we certainly hope Mr and Mrs Childs had a good holiday, because, from the sounds of things, their son certainly enjoyed that week.




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