Trust The Wizards – Spare Snare and Fort Baxter to hit Maguire’s



Spare Snare

Spare Snare

Getintothis’ Will Neville looks forward to another wildly magical musical night at Maguire’s featuring Spare Snare and Fort Baxter

After The Thyme Machine and Ballard in August, Trust The Wizards are promoting their second ever gig at Maguire’s Pizza Bar in Liverpool on Wednesday 9th September. The magical threesome are the hosts of a music podcast and can often be seen at gigs in Liverpool and the North West.

Headliners are John Peel faves Spare Snare from north of the border, playing their first ever gig in the city in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of their debut album Live At Home, while also promoting a new 7” single, a cover version of Argentinian lo-fi star Billordo’s No Quise Angustiarte.

Lead singer Jan Burnett told Getintothis, “…personally I’m a pop and ‘good tune’ type of guy, which maybe doesn’t always come over in the records. We’re maybe not hip, maybe not technically gifted, but we can write a good tune.

Funnily enough I have a kinship musically to Liverpool – one of the first bands I collected was Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, who led me on to connections to them such as Eric’s and other Liverpool acts like Godot and Dalek I Love You.”

Kicker O’Elves, one of the wizardly promoters, described the headliners as “…the Scottish Guided By Voices. Think lo-fi down-tempo indie guitar pop from Dundee and you’ll be about right.” We’d add that there are also hints of classic Caledonian jangle like The Pastels or The Vaselines in their sound.

The monthly-or-so Wizards podcast features an eclectic mix of music, both old and new, with the sorcerers planning on reflecting this between bands by spinning tunes from the likes of Robert Pollard’s combo, The Swapsies, Soft Hearted Scientists and X-Ray Spex.

Fort Baxter are providing the support, an all-girl combo made up of ex- and current members of Mean Jean, Trepenna and Puzzle, who are making their live debut on the night. Lead singer Claire claims key influences to include Dinosaur Jr, The Delgados and Darwin Deez, telling us that her all-time favourite album is Gentlemen by The Afghan Whigs.

This will not be the last local gig promoted by the Trust The Wizards team:

Over the last 3 years, we’ve been in contact with a lot of new bands whose music we’ve played on the podcast. These bands quite often ask us ‘can you help us get a gig in Liverpool?’ Rather than sit around moaning about how these bands never play up our way, we thought we’d have a go at doing something about it.

That’s something the city can always use more of. So it’s great news that they are also promoting ex-Levellers 5 man JD Meatyard, New Yorker Cannonball Statman, poet Michael Conroy and Fort Baxter again at the same venue on Thursday 22nd October.

Tickets for Spare Snare and Fort Baxter are only £5.




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