Singles Club #119

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) Freedom 15

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) Freedom ’15

Getintothis’ Matthew Wood reveals the truly uplifting, the darkly disconcerting and everything in between; lapping up fuzzy, stoner concoctions and drifting away in Premier League dreams.

Single of the Week

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)Freedom! ’15

This week’s funkiest comes from Cali based dance outfit !!! pronounced ‘Chk Chk Chk’. What could be more feel good than a trio boasting marvellous pipes, high off life, dancing in front of a webcam yelling FREEDOM!? There’s even a lyric video so you can join in. The chorus synth riff is mood altering in the most positive sense and if you’re having a shit day at the office, look no further than our Single of the Week.


Clean Cut KidRunaway 

A tropical drum beat like that of Peace’s Bloodshake hits immediately before joining forces with chants of ‘HEY!’ and groovy interludes that hail back to early Bombay Bicycle Club. A charming number that experiments well with effects, edging it away from the masses. Crisp, clear vocals resound from Clean Cut Kid but you’ll soon find out that their sources certainly aren’t clean cut… (Apart from Evelyn Halls). Catch them this October during Liverpool Music Week with fellow scousers All We Are and Stealing Sheep.


Trust FundFootball 

You’ve been gifted the hangover from hell with only the alliterative saving graces of a blanket, a brew and beans on toast… What’s missing?  You’ll find it’s the title of whacky poppers Trust Fund’s latest tune. A glistening track with chirpy melodies and a sweet refrain, step into their low budget footy dream, K.O. at 3pm.


La SharkFiji (I’m In Heaven)

Samuel Geronimo Deschamps not only has a fantastically unique name, but his vocals follow suit with the quirkiest of melodies. In one instance they’re spoken inquisitively between a bubbly bass riff, and the next they’re chiming with a twinkly synth. On the whole it’s as kooky as their appearance suggests and well worth a listen.


Louis BarabbasYou Did This To Me

The first chapter of an ‘unsettling’ film narrative that Barabbas has crafted to accompany his upcoming album Gentle Songs Of Ceaseless Horror. It’s poetic, riddled with blame while the video is somewhat disconcerting. It’s a fine composition with a vocal delivery that’s as cool as they come, with glimmers of Bill Callahan’s crisp vocals. Keep your ears peeled for chapter two.


Wand – Dungeon Dropper 

Churning out albums almost like magic, Wand’s 1000 Days is their third since August 2014 and like their last two, they’ve altered, slightly, the recipe of their stoner rock potion. Don’t worry there’s still plenty of fuzz, but this one simmers somewhat more playfully than earlier tracks, and once that riff’s in through your ear holes it isn’t going anywhere fast.


Silent Sleep – Everything I Own 

Astoundingly crisp and brilliantly written with a valuable life message, Christopher McIntosh aka Silent Sleep is developing a knack for writing songs that sound like classics upon first listen. Even if his charming folk isn’t your thing, there’s no denying McIntosh’s professional touch.


Girls Names – A Hunger Artist 

There’s a roaring, kraut rock energy pumped into this latest track from Belfast’s surf rockers. It’s an addicting, metallic riff that surges throughout, and with frontman Cully’s snarling vocals it’s a less sinister TOY fronted by one of the Jarman brothers. It could have been track of the week, but there’s some dubious synth sounds and an unnecessary fade out, better luck next time lads.


Petite Noir MDR

‘Did you know you’re beautiful?’ croons Yannick Ilunga, aka Petite Noir over a simple, modest riff and a shuffling drum beat riddled with subtle hi-hat lifts and bouncy snare strikes. It’s a peculiar sound but a compelling one and it’ll have you hovering over the replay button even if you aren’t sure why.


Cold Ocean Lies The Game 

Brummie four-piece Cold Ocean Lies have already appeared on the same bill as Wytches, TOY and YAK and while their approach is far more traditional, their sound still packs quite the punch. Borrowing particularly from 90’s britpop and grunge, their sound is solid, huge and can only get bigger given this is their debut single. Lyrically, they need a bit of work but it’s an impressive debut nonetheless.


Pure Bathing Culture Pray For Rain

A wonderfully woozy guitar wobbles alongside a proud drum pattern and some haunting synth drones on PBC’s latest. Sarah Versprille’s recall Victoria Legrand of Beach House, dynamic and dominating, they’re the track’s real source of melody, and it’s a mighty hook to top it off.




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