LIMF 2015: It’s Liverpool stage ft. Space, Tea Street Band, Loveless, Esco Williams, Hooton Tennis Club: Sefton Park, Liverpool

Esco Williams

Esco Williams

Following a great first day of Merseyside artists old and new, Getintothis’ Adam Lowerson takes in the sights and sounds of the It’s Liverpool stage’s closing day.

After a full day of some of the best bands from Merseyside entertaining the Sunday crowds, everyone who spent some time there would agree, the It’s Liverpool stage was the place to be at LIMF. With emerging LIMF Academy talents to some of the city’s most established acts, it can boast the most diverse and impressive line up of anywhere at the whole festival.

The Monday picked up where Sunday left off, with a handful of more relaxed acts to get the day going including Blue Saint, Luke Cusato and She Drew The Gun. The former got things started with a short but sweet set of glitchy electronics and rhythmic beats showing just why he has been tipped so highly, while She Drew The Gun were on their usual top form of intricate guitars and dreamy melodies. The real interest of the early afternoon slots however was Chester based Cusato, who brought a glowing reputation to the fore, and certainly showed some signs that he is worthy of it. His mix of looping, soaring electronics and keys and huge heartfelt vocals bares resemblance to James Blake and illustrate Cusato’s songwriting talent, but some of the more MoR singer-songwriter tracks in the set give the impression that he is slightly at odds with himself about what direction he wants to take.

Sandwiched between the softer sounds of these three acts were Visitors, who’s colossal rock and roll sounds certainly shook up a few of the early punters. Their pummelling rhythm section and chugging riffs made for an entertaining live show, and was a good contrast to the other early afternoon acts. Perhaps the only other band to match them for noise was Barberos, who put on a stunning show of piercing synths and incredibly impressive dual drumming. It’s impossible to pin down Barberos to any one genre, what they do is completely their own thing, and it makes for a few confused faces around the audience. But their mind-bending assault on the senses went down hugely well with the It’s Liverpool crowd, and injected some much needed mayhem into LIMF.

Fresh from the release of their debut album Highest Point In Cliff Town on Heavenly Records, Hooton Tennis Club attracted a huge crowd and continued to show why they’re probably the biggest band in the city right now. With their infectious, instantly catchy singles such as Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair and P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L P.I.E.R.R.E, the Ellesmere Port four-piece’s languid, jangly guitar pop feels like the sound of summer, and it’s fitting that the sun makes its first appearance of the day during their set.

Up next, Tea Street Band showed off some new tunes and what appears to be a bit of a new direction, with more downtempo beats and house-tinged, shimmering electronics. But ultimately it is the band’s older fan favourites such as Disco Lights and Summer Dreaming that really get the crowd going, and frontman Timo Tierney was clearly moved, announcing a number of times how great the whole thing is. The penultimate set of the day saw newcomers Loveless show off their minimal electro-pop with some incredibly tight four part harmonies, similar to that of Jungle. The stand out moment of the set however is their collaboration with soul star Esco Williams, who’s warm, heartfelt vocals add a new dimension to tracks such as Rose Coloured Gold and a cover of Don’t Let Go by En Vogue.

Bringing the proceedings to a close just in time for Echo and the Bunnymen over on the main stage were 90s stars Space, who brought a singalong atmosphere with their indie rock hits such as Female of the Species and Me and You Versus The World.

Pictures by GetintothisMartin Saleh and Martin Waters.




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