Singles Club #117

Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom

Getintothis’s Kate McCann rummages through this week’s singles and finds beauty in fantastic hairstyles, sun-drenched Norwegians and a fine display of dad-dancing.

Joanna Newsom: SapokanikanSingle of the Week

The Californian folk singer returns after 5 years with a wonderfully emotional tune, swapping her harp for a delicate and masterful piano-driven track, that swings along strongly before veering off on a different path entirely.

Newsom‘s piercing vocals, which somehow always manage to be simultaneously both delicate and forceful, are as fresh as ever.

Sapokanikan, taken from her forthcoming album, Divers, rises and falls as it weaves the story of the Native American tobacco settlement that eventually would become New York’s Greenwich Village. The video sees Newsom strolling alone through the moon-lit city.


Loma Prieta: Love

The San Francisco post-hardcore foursome’s latest is soaked in crunchy guitar and truly excellent drumming, Love is set ablaze by the brash shrieks of vocalists Sean Leary and Brian Kanagaki. But what else would you expect from a band named after an earthquake?

Love is taken from their fifth studio album, Self Portrait, to be released in October, and the band also play at Liverpool’s O2 Academy 2 on 19 August.


The Weeknd: Can’t Feel My Face

The Hairstyle of the Week Award isn’t an actual thing, but if it were it would certainly go to Canadian Abel Tesfaye, aka Grammy award-nominated The Weeknd.

With Can’t Feel My Face, Tesfaye delivers some sophisticated and upbeat funk, with a Michael Jackson-meets-Mark Ronson vibe.

Tesfaye‘s vocals are smooth as anything, and some 80s-era beats and deep slap bass drive the track along. It’s catchy as hell.


Happa: Ascension

The young Leeds producer returns with a techno ditty which chugs along slowly, building continuously to glorious climax. The track’s insect buzz-synths and clever beats shine through, evoking Underworld at their most intense. There’s also a snippet of The Fall’s Mr Pharmacist, sampled to strong effect.

Ascension is taken from Happa‘s Part 1 EP, the first of an eagerly-awaited trio of releases.


Drinks: Hermits on Holiday

Yes, that’s the unmistakably distinctive soft vocal of Cate Le Bon, teaming up with Tim Presley from White Fence to form Drinks, with a new album out later this month.

Hermits on Holiday is a bizarre offering, playful and minimalistic with some of the most ‘out-there’ lyrics Singles Club has heard in a long time.


El Vy: Return To The Moon

El Vy’s bright and funky track is deceptively simple, breezing by with an air of 80s pop fare, with a chorus Bernard Sumner would be proud to have written,

The lyric video shows band members Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf hanging out in the recording studio, doing a spot of dad-dancing along to their own song. Make of that what you will.


Sea Bed: Akira

Akira is the latest offering from rising Brighton based duo Lizzie Massey and Jim Corbin. From the off the track is a riot of synths, breathy vocals and 808 beats, with a killer bassline.

Can’t help but think they’ve added some funk-guitar riffs in as an afterthought though, seeing as that’s what all the cool kids are into these days. Either way, Akira is a fine track.


Gold Celeste: Open your Eyes

Norwegian trio Gold Celeste’s Open Your Eyes is a mellow and dream-like offering, with gentle, summery vocals, a chilled out beat, and chiming guitars combining to leave you feeling slightly sun-drenched.

Their debut album, The Glow, is out mid-September.


Ibeyi: Exhibit Diaz

Exhibit Diaz is a re-working of a Jay Electronica track Better in Tune with the Infinite which the French-Cuban twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Díaz have slowed down, adding their unique charming and soft melodic harmonies alongside the bright hip hop beats and pared-down piano.

Taken from their self-titled debut album released in February, Exhibit Diaz is a mesmeric and classy affair from a duo who made waves at this year’s SXSW.


Davey Suicide: The Hole Is Where The Heart Is

A screamingly loud effort from a man who has given me nightmares; think Marilyn Manson and Heath Ledger’s lovechild and you’ll be halfway there.

Take a look and I won’t judge you for hiding under your bed; that’s where I am.




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