Liverpool producer Kalax drops Daydream plus collaboration with Femmepop



With Liverpool’s Kalax finding a kindred spirit to his filmic electro in Irish producer Femmepop, Getintothis’ Cat Vivian gets stuck in to their collaborative banger Celestial.

Electro artist Femmepop A.K.A Margaret O’ Sullivan has paired up with Liverpool synthwave producer Kalax to create her latest track Celestial. A heavenly duo, Femmepop‘s  sweet vocals compliment the subtle swelling of Kalax‘s synths to create a light, ethereal soundscape sprinkled with twinkles, akin to shooting stars in a celestial night sky.

A steadily paced drum machine grounds the song and provides momentum for the listener, preventing them from floating off into the spacey, airy overtones, and the track manages to encompass the sound and feel of both artists, which is a difficult feat for any collaboration.

Lyrically the song stays close to Femmepop‘s signature themes such as travelling on a journey and release from restriction using cityscapes and the night sky as motifs; the perfect material for a producer like Kalax who can perfectly capture the feel and excitement of a film soundtrack, particularly of the 80’s disposition, and create the presence and purpose of a story teller.

Anyone who loves anything 80’s will surely appreciate Celestial and it’s sure to gain respect of electro lovers for its excellent production, signature synth sounds and beautifully flowing vocals.

Always a dynamic producer, Kalax‘s new solo track Daydream, meanwhile, sees him experimenting with some new sounds minus any drums. Still retaining that retro ‘soundtrack’ feel, the new sounds adds a slightly more modern feel than we’re using to hearing.

Within the track’s epic, expanding synths you would be forgiven for hearing very faint influences of Vangelis, a direction Kalax is definitely more than qualified to pursue if he so desires.




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