Introducing: Ellie Rose Smith

Ellie Rose Smith

Ellie Rose Smith

With her glistening debut EP in full bloom, Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald finds himself engrossed by the inspiriting allure of Ellie Rose Smith.

Now that the great beacon in the sky has decided to grant us the illusive moment that is the English myth of summer to grace our skies again, we find ourselves free to enjoy its rich fruits. With the rays exonerating us from all the hustle and bustle that life brings, the celestial charms of Ellie Rose Smith could easily make you float on the heavenly tide in carefree bliss.

The young songstress has been hard at work crafting her heavenly audio persona, playing venues throughout the city including a stellar set at Sound Food & Drink as part of Liverpool Calling and a spellbinding performance in The Brink in support of her debut EP Life Is Good, showcasing her delicate stirring vocals entwined with beautiful melodies. The 4 tracks that make up Life Is Good show an artist that brims with confidence in her ability and rightly so as the EP flows with an abundance of tender hooks that take you over completely.

From the sublimely sweet hook on opening track Lullabies, Ellie Rose Smith is able to whisk you away on a honey soaked journey that melts into a sun soaked expression filled with her graceful voice that transcends her years. The haunting vocals on Don’t Leave Me hanging are breathtaking and it’s easy to see why comparisons to Laura Marling have been made.

In the same way that groups like Fleet Foxes can make you hang on their every note, Smith’s diverse chord structures and vocal versatility make her instantly mesmeric. It’s easy to see why Life Is Good when there is music like this around.




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