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Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

In a raucous and riveting week for new releases, Getintothis’ Chris Burgess ducks and weaves through acid-inspired cartoons, Berocca-infused menace and Paddy from Emmerdale.

Lightning Bolt: The Metal EastSingle of the Week

The thunderous noise-rock duo from Providence, Rhode Island are back with a typical bang. The Metal East is the opening track of their latest album Fantasy Empire, released via Thrill Jockey.

As you’d expect from the now-veteran twosome, the pace is fast and frantic, with Brian Chippendale’s raw drumming matched in intensity by Brian Gibson’s scuzzy bass guitar.

The video is a surreal cartoonish mindfuck, like watching Thundercats if it had been animated by Hunter S Thompson.


His New Atlas: Saints

His New Atlas’ vocalist Eoghan O’Hagan has a nice voice. A very, very nice voice. And he’s in fine fettle on their new single Saints, a lilting and uplifting tune that showcases his talents wonderfully.

The Northern Irish group, who left a big impression at this year’s Sound City festival, seem destined to make a floaty, seductive name for themselves.

The video features O’Hagan lying on a bed with two women in skimpy outfits. It’s not what you’d expect though.


Clean Cut Kid: Vitamin C

The Liverpool quartet Clean Cut Kid have released their debut single Vitamin C through their own label, Babe Magnet Records. It’s a three minute slice of jubilant art-pop, with one of the sweetest choruses I’ve heard in a long time.

It’s a soulful and joyous sound, awash with sweeping synths and juddering guitar riffs. The video is an odd mix of graceful dancing with a hint of menace…and Berocca.


Alex Burey: Waiting on Tomorrow

Waiting On Tomorrow is the new single from Burey, recorded in New York and London, it features contributions from legendary funk/soul collective The Dap-Kings.

Burey’s voice could possibly be considered Marmite – some will love his affected vocal style, pitched somewhere between Antony Hegarty and Paolo Nutini, and some will be put off by it.

Personally, just like Marmite, I’m not fussed either way.


Evil Blizzard: Sacrifice

Lancastrians Evil Blizzard are about as non-conformist a heavy-psych band as you could ever hope for. With a singing drummer and not one, not two, not even three but FOUR bass players…all wearing masks.

The weirdness doesn’t end there. Sacrifice also contains guest bass and backing vocals from Richard McNamara, once of Britpop also-rans Embrace.

Still sounding too normal for you? One of their recent videos was directed by Dominic Brunt, better known as Paddy from Emmerdale. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Sacrifice is from their forthcoming album Everybody Come to Church. Expect the unexpected, and quite frankly ridiculous.


Laetitia Sadier: Oscuridad

The former Stereolab singer Sadier is on the verge of releasing her third solo album. This track, taken from the forthcoming Something Shines, is a wispy yet strongly sung tune that builds like a sunrise.

Sadier’s distinctive French-tinged vocals are magnificent, full of philosophical musings.


Lower Dens: Sucker’s Shangri-La

What is it with videos set in pubs this week?

Baltimore’s Lower Dens have released a new video for Sucker’s Shangri-La, set in a karaoke bar. The single is the opening track from their new album Escape From Evil, available now on Domino.

Sucker’s Shangri-La is an 80s throwback of a tune, with singer Jana Hunter’s vocals shining forth atop a back and forth blend of synths, guitars and laidback drumming.


Outfit: Framed

Taken from their new album Slowness – out now on Memphis IndustriesFramed is the latest and perhaps most melancholic track from the Liverpool group.

The strong rhythm you’d expect from an Outfit song is there, along with superbly bittersweet vocals and rather haunting piano. Framed exudes style and sophistication, raising deep emotions.


Prince & 3rdeyegirl: Hardrocklover

Someone’s been listening to Kanye, it seems.

With lyrics full of his trademark sensuality (talk of ripping jeans and making women scream), Prince appears to have gone back to his roots in some ways here, while still pushing the boundaries of his own sound.

It now seems to have become a cliché to mention how underrated Prince is as a guitarist, but I feel listening to this that it should be stated again. The dude spanks a mean plank.


The Black Eyed Peas: Yesterday

They’ve ditched Fergie and gone back to their hip-hop roots.

Turns out they’re still shite.




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