Go green with glitz and glam at the absurdly ethical Shambala Festival


Shambala – coming to a secret Northamptonshire country estate this August

Proving that ethical and sustainable doesn’t have to mean boring, Getintothis’ Laura Tacey looks ahead to the anything-goes vibe at Northamptonshire’s captivatingly absurd Shambala festival. 
It’s the ethical festival on everyone’s lips. Shambala is set to return to a secret location within the walls of an enchanted Northamptonshire country estate – and we just can’t wait for the glitz, the glam and the absurd.
The English country garden will be revolutionised, from August 27-30, into a creative, anything-goes zone, for inner entities of all sizes and shapes.
It’s a festival that’s managed to captivate growing crowds whilst maintaining its ethical principles of sustainability; diversity and equality. Committed to making it a better place for people and the planet, the festival is 100 per cent renewably powered – that’s a whole Watt of effort.
Shambala is serious about the environment and spares the planet of 10,000 dreaded non-biodegradable plastic bottles by simply banning their sale on site. Now, you can have your cake and eat it; with 550-meals served at Shambala from food which would otherwise end up at the same dump as Mr Plastic Bottle.
Doing your bit for old Mother Earth whilst dancing your elaborate socks off to a whole plethora of eclectic beats is what Shambala does best.
There’s a huge selection of artists to take your pick: from Nepali folk beats; Senegalese melodies; reggae, hip hop and funk – you never know what you’re going to get – and that’s why it tastes so good.
Expect to dance your top hat off with captivating Klezmer and Cuban sounds from Yiddish Twist Orchestra; electro-thumping beats from internationally renowned DJ Gramatik; euphoric creations from Vessels; be hypnotised by Nubiyan Twist – inspired by jazz, hip hop and afrobeat influenced grooves from the 12-piece band with soulful female vocals – to name just a few from the diverse line-up.
Down at the bottom of the garden, it is also quite possible that you laugh your socks off with comedy from the professionals and the downright ridiculous.
Be inspired. With many inspirational talks and installations it would be impossible to come away feeling anything less. Well, it may just be possible that you come home; pack your bags and say HELLO to the CIRCUS.
Shambala: it’s the trump, trump, trump of the festivals. For tickets and more info visit here.




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