Faded Gold returns with stunning Tides EP

Faded Gold

Faded Gold

Experimental artist Faded Gold is back with her atmospheric EP, Tides. Getintothis’ Tom Konstantynowicz surrounds himself with her ambient new sounds.

Coming up to three years since her last EP, elusive Mersey experimentalist Stefanie Chew aka Faded Gold returns with a brand new offering Tides.

Back in January we brought you the first cut and title track since when we’ve been eagerly awaiting what was to follow. The full EP’s five tracks of blissful electronica were well worth the wait.

Tides is a sweeping transportation device into the depths of your imagination as you’re carried away on waves of chime-like keys and ethereal vocals from opener The Marriage into the title track.

If you could buy into the much maligned ‘journey’ metaphor just for a moment, say the title track is the epic voyage then Homelands is the euphoric arrival amid a mass of rousing synths.

A prodigious talent, it’s difficult to place Chew in a direct comparison but perhaps think some kind of celestial lovechild of The Knife and Enya and you’ll get a sense of what’s going on here.

Although predominantly instrumental, when Chew’s vocals do enter the fray, they act as another layer of sound rather than a centre piece. In Signals they sooth like whale song amid the light shimmers of electro-percussion, which has an air of campanology about it.

Falling sees the record flicker out in a brief haze of fuzz and delicate keys, the melancholy inducing climax of a dazzling collection of ambient soundscapes for you to drift away alongside.

Tides is out now via Mirror Mirror Records.




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