Singles Club #112

Damaged Bug's creepy pilot

Damaged Bug’s creepy pilot

Intensely fighting the post-Sound City blues, Getintothis’ Chris Burgess finds solace in cartoon bombing missions, songs about stabbings and quirky dodgeball antics.

Damaged Bug: Jet in JungleSingle of the Week

Damaged Bug are the synthy, electronic-leaning side project of Thee Oh Seas’ frontman John Dwyer, whose new album Cold Hot Plumbs, released 1 June, has been much-anticipated.

Jet In Jungle appears to set the tone of the new album, with its rising and falling synth arpeggios and Oh Seas-esque driving backbeat underpinning Dwyer’s ghostly vocals.

The video is child-like and dark at the same time – a cartoonish bombing mission gone awry.


Spit Fox: The Fall

Ahead of their forthcoming EP released on 4AD, the Belgian alt-rock trio of Spit Fox have dropped the intriguing and powerful single The Fall.

The track lurches and sways as it drives along, falling away to soft guitar lick before powering up to an explosive finish.

There’s a lot to love about this tune, from the shouty, Vindictives-esque vocal delivery to the reverb-laden guitars. Here’s hoping they go on to big things.


The Membranes: The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light

Fresh from their explosive set at this year’s Sound City, original post punkers The Membranes have released the snappily-titled The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light.

The track is dark yet epic, starting with some soft vocals from John Robb and growing with layer upon layer of guitar, droning and building fantastically to a frenetic and explosive finish.

The song is taken from their upcoming album Dark Matter/Dark Energy. Not a bad comeback after 26 years away.


Superheaven: Gushin’ Blood

Grungy and gory rock here from the Pennsylvanian quartet. Gushin’ Blood is awash with crunchy guitars, strong drumming and lyrics about stabbing someone to death. Lovely stuff.

The track is taken from their new album Ours Is Chrome, out now on SideOneDummy Records.


Night Gestalt: The Flesh Is Still in Control

One half of the Swedish duo Dada Life, Ollie Corneer has branched away from his usual dance music fare to create the more intelligent and experimental Night Gestalt, following his diagnosis with cancer late last year.

The Flesh is Still in Control is a deeply introspective and personal track, with dark and minimal synths lending an uneasy background to Corneer’s half-whispered, emotional vocals.


Joanna Wang: There’s Simply Nothing You Can Do

Certainly one of the most bizarre songs I’ve heard during my Singles Club tenure, the Taiwanese-American Joanna Wang has offered up this song about sales-hunting and the search for Elmer’s Glue.

It’s a simple and strangely attractive little song, with an excellently madcap dodgeball-playing video. The track is awash with video game inspired beats and bleeps, without overpowering the catchiest of choruses.

Wang’s new album Bob Music is released later this year.


Amlak Redsquare: Sheep Clothing

Kingston artist Amlak Redsquare is known in his native Jamaica for his upbeat and political tracks, and Sheep Clothing sticks squarely to his simple formula of reggae with a message.

Amlak’s thick vocals, despite the odd spot of annoying autotune, power the track along magnificently.


Set and Setting: Coping

Coping is taken from Set and Setting’s debut album released earlier this year on Prosthetic Records, and the band have released this surreal and somewhat dystopian video to match the 7 minute long rock instrumental.

The track itself is abuzz with angular distorted guitar work and some exquisite feedback squeals.


Jedi Mind Tricks feat Eamon: Fraudulent Cloth

The legendary Philadelphian hip hop duo of Vinne Paz and Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind have returned with their first new album since 2011’s Violence Begets Violence. Following some in-band turmoil and record label disputes, their new LP The Thief and the Fallen comes out on 2 June.

Fraudlent Cloth is a frank, raw and emotional track, dealing with friendships, fallings out and movings on. Vinnie’s delivery is passionate and personal, as is all the best hip hop.


Panama: Jungle

Released through Future Classic on 5 June, Jungle sees the Australian electronic duo of Panama follow up on 2013’s superb Always EP.

Jungle is a summery, swooning tune with a distinctly 80s, chilled out vibe. Singer Jarrah McCleary’s emotional vocals swirling around like a mountain mist.


La Lenguas: Love You All The Time

Taken from La Lenguas debut EP Tears In My Milkshake – out now on Burger Records, this is a bright and breezy, catchy little tune from the LA based garage pop band.

Love You All The Time is a foot-stomping and thoroughly enjoyable ode to heartbreak, with a charmingly surreal video featuring some of the best acting from a blow up doll that you’ll ever see.




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