Frances: Grow



A song for Seattle? Getintothis’ Emma Walsh predicts soundtrack glory for Frances’ latest track Grow.

This pop culture reference may not mean much to our usual target audience but it’s the most perfect synopsis we can muster for Francesbeautiful new track Grow: This track was made to be on a Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack.

That really is intended as a compliment, particularly for a young female singer-songwriter. Falling into company with the likes of Roisin MurphyKate Havenick and Feist is nothing to be sniffed at. Grow ticks all the boxes – you can practically picture the slow-mo running down hospital corridors, Meredith crying in a elevator while McDreamy stares dejectedly on. It’s picture perfect.

If your week does not include an hour long intake of breath watching that particular brand of cheesy American medical drama, frankly, you’re missing out, but don’t worry, you will still love this track.

Fresh off the Communion New Faces tour, LIPA singer-songwriter Frances has released her best track to date. Grow opens with an immediate lure in its pure simplicity. It’s refreshingly honest vocally, Frances stretching herself right to the cusp of her range as the song builds to a crest, a candid tension that sweetens the sad tone and plays up the unapologetic feeling at the core of this track.

Throughout she strikes a careful balance between the lofty vocals with the weight of a slow, purposeful patter on the keys that builds into a catchy crescendo that, trust us, will stick in your head.




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