Crocodiles to turn the heat up in Studio2 in June


Armed with a new album that blends visceral post-punk with strong latin influences, Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald reports on the welcome return of Crocodiles to Studio2 next month.

San Diego based garage rock merchants Crocodiles were formed by core members Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell back in 2008. Initially a duo, the group have now added drums, bass and keyboards to their diverse posse. Their fifth album Boys is released via ZooMusic this week and with it a burst of summer to lighten our days.

Boys features lead single Crybaby Demon with Charles Rowell’s guitar setting us off on a psych-pop drive into the experimental desert with tinges of Jesus and The Mary Chain and Oasis running through the groove. The blistering bittersweet vocals on Don’t Look Up offer a sublime hint of sun-soaked serenity that perfectly sets you up for the season ahead.

The band have evolved from the scuzzy garage rock that attracted revellers in their droves when they played a roaring set in Sound City back in 2010. With producer Martin Thulin at the helm, the Latino elements have been turned up a notch and blend neatly with the producer’s own influences of Loop and My Bloody Valentine. The group went to Mexico City to add salsa ingredients to their armoury and throughout Boys there is a definitive Latin feel to the album.

Although the rockers may have moved into new waters Boys still has the post-punk underbelly that Crocodiles built upon with Peroxide Hearts and acts as a reminder of the sleazy past from which they came. With their latest offering being album number 5, the proficiency at which Crocodiles can create their addictive melodies is astonishing at times.

When they entertain their wanting public in Studio2 next month on June 12 to say it may go loco is an understatement.





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