Austin Psych Fest Levitation 2015 mix tapes plus watch Liverpool Psych Fest video

Levitation - Austin Psych Fest 2015

Levitation – Austin Psych Fest 2015

Levitation – Austin Psych Fest kicks off on May 8 at Carson Creek this weekend, here’s a few mixtapes to fry your mind and enrich your soul.

Ahhh, Texas, how we miss you. It’s a little over six weeks since we returned to the slightly ‘calmer’ world call home.

But with Austin Psych Fest around the corner, we can’t help but tickle our eardrums with what’s in store over the other side of the Atlantic. With a worldy of a line up it seems only right and proper to dip into the trio of Al Lover mixtapes Levitation organisers have posted on their SoundCloud. Take a listen below.

And if you’ve yet to see it, go watch the senses-frazzling new promo video served up by the Liverpool Psych Fest dudes which is also below. Warning – it gets fruity and very messy. The next wave of bands for the Liverpool edition dropped last week, take a look here.

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